Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hi My Lovelies!!
Happy Halloween to you all!

What has everyone been up to? 
As I didn't go out at the weekend I decided to get creative with some halloween nails!

I decided to Pumpkinise my nails! 
I had this idea in my head of how I wanted it to look, and it wasn't how it turned out.
To be honest they look more like little orange pac man ghosties! 
I forgot pumpkins had noses! whoops
anyway here they are and a mini tutorial for you!

Step 1:
Paint Nails white with Barry M Matte White
(this helps to makes your nails POP! with a bright colour)

Step 2:
Paint your nails with desired colour.
As I was doing pumpkins what better colour than a bright Orange!
I chose Barry M Tangerine

Step 3:
Paint your little pumpkin faces on your nails with your Black Nail art pen
Mines from Claires!

There you have it, your little halloween friends!

I had a few compliments from these, but on the whole I felt like a right doofus when I waas handing over money in superdrug this morning (haul post later!)

These are cute, but they will be coming off later on tonight!
I also don't think I can be a Barry M ambassador anymore, since converting to Models Own the product just isn't the same!! booooooooo! 
Barry M = gloopy and thick, very hard to handle and paint on the nail!
I had to get my boyfriend to do everything for me because I didn't want to ruin my mani!
(thats what I told him anyway hahahaha) 
but no seriously guys! this thing didnt dry properly for aaages! and it still frikkin smudged!!

you get what you pay for apparently - thats what my mum said!

Anyway... onto other halloweeny things!
I've been making some goodies!!

I made - Toffee Apples, Chocolate Apples and Rice Krispie Cakes!!!
I had too much melted chokky left over hence the oh so NOT spooky rice krispy cakes!

 My toffee apples, that just look like normal frikkin apples! lets hope they taste better than they look!

My chocolate apples which I can't wait to try! 
I love chocolate thats been melted then hardened again!

and on that note 
I will leave you with this jolly little video made by me with the help of the good old autodance app!! get it if you haven't already, its free on iphone!



  1. yummmy

    happy halloween

  2. Pumpkin nails are fab! And your chocolate apples look amazing! x


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