Sunday, 16 October 2011

ELF Shimmering Facial Whip

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip retails at £1.50 from online store ELF cosmetics
Check all the colours out here 

I recently purchased this with my ELF haul (before their 50% sale may I add, Darn!)

I thought it was about time I reviewed a couple of products from this purchase,
so I will start with this one.  

I purchased the shade "Citrus" because I thought it looked like the most versatile colour to wear. I wish I had picked a more pinky colour now, which you will see why soon! 
To start with it is all packaged very plainly but nothing wrong with that. You get what you see basically. When it came I did think it would be a little bigger but then I am no good with calculating size based on the weight of a product! 
I was exicted to try this out, so popped a little onto my hand. 
This is what came out of the tube.

Its bloody silver! I thought. So I warmed the tube up gently in my hands, rolled it around until it was probably very dizzy, and tried again... still the same mostly silver liquid (quite runny liquid) came out of the tube.
Well it is a shimmering facial whip. Was my second thought, so hey I went about and smudged it around my hand.
What I got was this...
Its still bloody silver! 
Anyway using my stipple brush (£3.50) I patted it and "stippled" it onto my face.
To tell you the truth it looks very nice on my face as long as I don'tgo overboard with it. 
Unfortunatly theres no room for error with it as it is quite difficult to cover up/get off once its on without ruining the rest of your perfectly makeuped face!

I have been using it as mostly a highlighter on my face and have received compliments that my skin is "glowing" and "healthy" so I give it top marks for that! 
It doesn't feel greasy, and it has good staying power. It is easier to apply with the Stipple Brush due to its consistency. It is a very very runny liquid and with your fingers it tends to leave finger streaks, and that isn't the best look really.

This is what it looks like on my face!

I had to use a photo of my full face as I couldn;t get a decent one of just the cheek! This is with the facial whip applied to the apples of my cheeks and a powder blusher applied over the top... I like the look of this as a highlighter with another product, but for use alone its a no no for me (in this colour anyway) I'd like to try the more pinky colours to see if this had an effect on the way it looks alone.

The website also states it can be used on eyes or lips. So I tried it on my lips, I have avoided using it on my eyes as I feel it would be too runny and wouldn't stay on. 
Here it is on my lips.

Quite nice isn't it?
(I don't know what the lines are down the centre of my teeth but I swear I don't have liney teeth in real life!)

It has a subtle colour to it and the shimmer makes my lips really stand out. I love it as a lip colour. 
It is difficult to apply to the lips with your finger, so I would suggest appling with a thick bristled lip brush.

Overall for price the product is great!
Well packaged and very versatile. 
I would buy again, and I would reccomend to a friend.
Have you got this facial whip? 
Would you buy it now?



  1. I love that glow that it gives you - your make up looks gorgeous here, so pretty x

  2. gives a great glow!

  3. that looks gorgeous as a highlighter & a brilliant price!
    I'm a new follower of yours, check out my blog sometime and follow back. :]

  4. that looks so good :)
    i need something to make me look 'awake' on a morning so i might try this as a highlight :) xo


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