Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Models Own Pro

Hi guys,
Don't know if any of you have seen the new Models Own Pro polish
I have just been having a sneaky look at it on the net whilst once again,
avoiding doing my essays! 

Models Own have said this new polish is the "ultimate polish range" and at £8 for an "ultimate" polish, you can't fall off. It suggests these polishes are "salon formula" and are "unlike any others". It is also claim that it is environmently friendly! Sounds great to me!

I haven't had to opportunity to try any of these polishes yet but if I was to I'd be picking one of these lovely shades!
(all images from Models Own website)

I am a particular fan of the bottom row of polishes which remind me so much of a lovely autumn day! Perhaps Kiss my Brass with an accent nail of Sunny Honey??? 

These polishes have an unique "grow fast - fade slow" technology, which sounds great to me as my nails are the shortest they have been for a long time! Any extra help I can get would be fantastic!! Another claim that interested me is that when these polishes dry it leaves a fragrance that is "somewhere between chocolate and flowers"!!

Have any of you tried this new polish? 
If not would you?
 What do you think of it?



  1. I really like the look of Swan Lake x

  2. lovely shades!

  3. I have Green Envy, theres a post on my blog if you look under Models Own labels! Thakyou for blog follow. xx

  4. They look pretty!!! :)

    Ive given you an award on my blog!!! xx

  5. I love these :)
    I really like the bottom row too :)
    Deffo some nice autumn colours

  6. Swan Lake looks gorgeous! Going to see what some reviews are like before I buy one though!

  7. Really nice nail polishes,love all the colours. I haven't tried any Models Own products yet, but I keep seeing good reviews so I may try some. Thanks for showing us these lovely nail polishes! XxxX


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