Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mr Barry, and Mr ELF meet MUA

Who doesn't like the odd treat?
Well to celebrate my 3lbs weight loss this week I
decided to go to Superdrug and buy some treats for myself! 

I intially wanted the Barry M palest lavender lip paint, but convinced myself not to buy it due to wanting to save up for some more expensive lippies.

I eventually chose a nail paint, in Mushroom, because following my last post I got all autumny and wanted some nice new nail colours to suit. 

I then trotted over to the MUA counter where a colour struck me (not literally jumped off the shelf, but if it could it certainly would of!) anyway... 
This colour struck me because it looked so.. odd. I ummed and ahhed and eventually picked it up and popped it in my basket, it is like a mossy green colour, shade 23.

So I got home and put them on my nails, and I bloody love them!! 

I also think they go really well together.Unfortunatly I am at work tommorow so the polish is just a quick one coat to show you before I have to take it off. But the coverage is brilliant for one coat don't you think? Usually Barry M polishes take a few coats, this one is a dream, and as forthe MUA polish as a cheaper (£1) polish you'd expect about 4 coats!! 

As I wanted to see what these colours would look like with my ELF Matte Polish on top I decided I would try it to show you, and to give you a mini review on that product too. 
I bought this product with my Elf Haul last month. 

It states you need to apply one coat over the top of dry nails, and watch as the magic happens hahaha it doesn't say that last bit!

Anyway the magic really does happen and I love the effect it gives! It's only £1.50 and its brilliant for the price! I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who hasn't tried it before, there are some matte polishes out there anyway, but for £1.50 you can transform your favourite colours into matte colours without having to splash the cash!! 

With the finisher on. 

I actually prefer these colours matte.I tried the Finisher on a Barry M's Raspberry the other day and admittly it didn't look as good, so I think its trial and error
as to which colours look better matte or normal. 

Have any of you tried this Finisher, and if not will you now?
What autumny nail colours are you lusting after right now?



  1. love these fall shades!

  2. Your nails look lovely :)
    I really like the look of matte nails.

  3. Ive nominated you for an award!
    check it out :)
    Cory xx

  4. I love that matte finish! Will definitely be getting some x

  5. Oo lovely colours, and I agree they look even better in matte :)

    L x

  6. I like them in Matte too! I love these colours, very autumnal! Congrats on meeting yours goal xx

  7. I really love the MUA colour - such a nice, understated autumnal shade! 2bh I think theirs is a pretty darn good brand for just £1, and it's their colours that I usually get comments on! x

  8. @Cory, thank you so much!
    @Danni, I agree I always get comments on MUA products!


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