Monday, 24 October 2011

NOTD - Models Own Pink Punch & Glitter

Hi Guys,
For Todays NOTD I used Models Own Pink Punch as my base
I love wearing this colour as it is so IN YOUR FACE!! 
I keep staring down at my neon fingernails! 
Unfortunatly these pictures do not do this colour proud. 
In real life it is much much much more vibrant and neon, almost a fluro pink.
On these pics it looks orange, if anyone has any better pics of Pink Punch feel free to leave a link in the comments box! 

I decided I would try and do a glitter as my next venture, I have done crackle in my last post. The next step is glitter polish. 
Again I aren't a fan... or should I say wasn't a fan.. 
Until I found w7's glitter polish in my local cheapy shop!
It is such a glittery product that I couldn't resist buying it for a mere £1.49
I decide to do two different designs on my hands as I wanted to experiment with it
The sellotape mani did not turn out as expected.
These are the two manis I did. 

Left - I used sellotape to create the lines, and painted over the top with the glitter polish. This did not work exactly as planned and looks quite messy, I wouldn't reccomend copying this unless your a pro!!

Right - starting with a light coat paint the tips with the glitter. Then apply another heavier coat to teh very tip of the tips, this creates a gradient effect and is not so blunt

The tips in glitter is by far my favourite, and I will def be doing this some more in the future. I have to thank Kim from SweetMonday for this inspiration! Thanks chick!
Hope you like


  1. Aww your welcome lovely :) Don't you just love glitter tips?! Ha! And also you've used my fave Models Own polish! Pink Punch is an amazing colour, I've used it a few times but it never photographs that well :(
    Looks quite orange in my review of it too!

    Love your stipey look, never tried it with glitter, more inspiration for me! Thank youuuu. xx

  2. I love that colour, I'm a huge fan of Model's Own too! I also love how the silver looks againest the Pink Punch colour!

  3. i love that color, so bright and pretty

  4. i love the pink pretty u did a great job on them nails, please i hope u can follow back

  5. I've got Pink Punch, it was my "holiday" nail colour, went so well with a tan :) x x

  6. It looks lovely, the glittery varnish looks really decent for such a bargain price!x


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