Thursday, 30 June 2011

WIWT: an outfit for £20!!

Jumper: £7 H&M sale
Trousers: £5 H&M sale
Brogues: £6 primarni
Ring (just seen): £1 primarni
Headband: £1 primarni
Necklace: Gift

Outfit total: £20



Monday, 27 June 2011


I bought some nailease nail art strips from ebay the other day.
I heard about them from a few various other blogs, and thought they looked cool, I wanted to try some myself.
So off I totteled to ebay... and found myself a lovely packet of Gold Nailease nail wraps.
They came quite quickly, but not quickly enough.
 I was off for 4 days from work so I wanted them on the friday morning.
But nevermind they came the saturday.
So off with the old nail varnish, on with the Nailease

In the pack you get 20 nail adhesive strips in different sizes.
People are saying there is enough for two applications with these, but that would mean using the too big or too small sizes on your nails.
I think there are 20 in the pack to give you a size range.

Anyway I picked my sizes, and lined them all up nicely.
Buffed my nails with the (rather crap) buffer that comes with the nail strips.
and away i went.

Well Horaay!! how bloody brilliant are these!
it went on so easy, just hold the silver tip, stretch over your nail, file off the excess with the (rather crap) nail file that comes with it. and hey presto!
lovely gorgeous shiny nails, with no mess, smell (only a little bit as they are real polish) or drying time!

Uber impressed!

I wore these from saturday morning to this monday morning and only had minimal tip wear, which was hardly noticeable.
They would of easily lasted a whole week I am sure!

Only worrying thing is the price..
 at £5..99 for in my opinion one application of polish.
It is rather pricey... however for that special occasion, or holidays where your nail polish gets too hot and goes gloopy, this is a very good buy!

Anyway I was raving about these, then popped into my local boots store to pick up some hedex tablets, when just innocently browsing the makeup counter, I saw some GOSH Nail Glitter...
Well "what is this?" I wondered.
So I bought it...

It basically is a little pot of glitter for £3.99
The glitter is very fine, and the packet reads on the back...

- apply a clear nail lacquer to your nails  (i used my barry m base coat, top coat and nail hardener)

- dip your nail in the small jar of glitter before the clear polish dries up
( i didn't dip my finger into the pot I used the seperate lid that came with it to get a small amount of the glitter and sprinkle it over my lacquered nail)

- brush off the excess glitter (which consisted of tapping the excess off)
and hey! you have gorgeous glamourous glitter nails

and to be honest these look amazing!
I have only just taken my nailease off and thought I'd try this whilst sat doing nothing..
and to be honest I didn't have very high hopes for it..
 but I did my whole hand just to show you how amazing it is!!

It may look more messy than the nail ease, but as it is real glitter it definatly shines more, has a texture to it, and you can have as much or as little as you like on it,
 never mind mentioning all the different colour possibilities!!

Basically I would buy this product over the nailease strips for glittery nails as it is a fraction of the price considering how little you actually need to use!

Oh and no drying time either!!

All in all a very successful nail varnishing weekend!


p.s sorry about the loooooooooooooooooong post congrats if you got to the end!


Friday, 24 June 2011


I think I am obsessed!
I have a total of 18 barry m nail polishes in all sorts of colours!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

300 - Acid Yellow
47 - Black
273 - Raspberry
303 - Bright Purple
293 - Grey
291 - Cobalt Blue
296 - Coral
279 - Bright Pink
308 - Berry Ice Cream
309 - Pale Pink
318 - Peach Melba
306 - Blueberry Ice Cream
66 - Matt White
316 - Nail Effects White
134 - Yellow
244 - Hologram Hexograms
297 - Blue Glitter
54 - Clear

So I was sat contemplating which one to wear, and picked the acid yellow..

Here it is!

I've had this one for ages and to be honest I aren't really keen!
I put some of the hologram on my ring fingers...

Which looked better than I thought..
I had to apply 3 coats of the Acid Yellow to get any sort of pigment, not impressed with that colour at all! I usually have no issues with Barry M polishes, as you can tell!

Anyway after not touching anything for ages, and eating my tea, and everythin else, I washed up!
When I took my hands out of the water, my nail polish had all but dissapeared! it was crinkly and horrible, (i did take a photo but it looked so gross I didn't want to put it on here!)

So my question is... after you've had polish for a while does it turn minging? It wasn't gloopy or anythin suspicious like that when I put it on my nails, it just decided it preferred the washing up water than my nails!

Has anyone else had any experience with this!?


Sunday, 19 June 2011

It my Birthday and I'll wear what I want to!

Hi guys!
I havent posted in ages! I've just been really busy with working, and uni work and other fun stuff such as MY BIRTHDAY!!!

It was my birthday on Friday (17th June)
I got this gorgeous dress from my Mum, handpicked by myself, it was from a shop I rarely go in - Peacocks!
It cost £20 something pound.. and looks great on! it hangs in all the right places and doesn't show any lumps and bumps!!

I teamed my dress with these feather earrings which I also got from my Mum (she has good taste) these bad boys are from Primark coming in at £1!

Next I teamed these with this beautiful ring from Topshop, (you guessed it another purchase by my wonderful mummy!)
and I painted my nails in the one and only Barry M Peach Melba - which I am loving!
I used my Barry M dazzle dust in Gold as an eyeliner, on the lash line above and below my eyes, with Bourjouis Volumising mascara :D

All in all I had a lovely birthday night out...
So I will just leave you with a pic of my lovely lot!
P.s thats my mum there in the pink frock at the front! bless her :)


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Do you think I’m wasting my time, doing things I wanna do?

Its been aaages since I last posted, or it feels like it anyway.
I've been so busy with my new placement that I've not had chance for anything else
This past week has been a busy old week, and to top it off I'm struggling with doing my essay :( waaaaaaaaaaaaa
anyway to celebrate my reaching the 1000 word mark I thought I'd do an outfit post.
Today I am wearing...

New Look Top - recycled from my friend wardrobe
it has lace sleeves and a lace panel at the back absolute find I say!
Next High waisted shorts - my trusty faves to fall back on, I have rolled them up further than usual today tho, I am feeling daring!

Tights , not sure where from... just bog standard black tights
Clock necklace - matalan aaaaaaaages ago, I forgot I had it, perfect but it doesn't tell me the right time!
Red Lips - courtesy of Barry M Lip Lacquer in No.1, with a splodge of vaseline on the top, and then a good dollop of gosh eyeshadow dust in shade - "fox".. It creates a gorgeous matte appearance to any colour!
try it with Barry M dazzle dusts too!


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I'm Feeling Zebra!

What I Wore Today...
DIY Zebra Shirt - Charity Shop
Maxi Skirt - Matalan
Shoe Boots - Studio

Barry M Nail Effects

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Another Post about a Barry M product, I am beginning to think that's all I own...
but it shouldn't be so darn good!!
I went out to superdrug, my new favourite place due to having 10% discount there!
I bought this

£3.99 = bargain!!
I couldnt wait to try it out, but the boyfriend was in a rush to go out for a meal, so I didn't have time to paint my nails the day I bought it..

Eventually I have got round to doing it, even though I have to take it off for my first day with the paramedics tommorrow! eek!

I applied a base coat, then put Barry M 273 Raspberry on as a foundation colour

This colour worked perfectly with the neutral colours in my outfit, and my red lips!

I then applied my Barry M Nail Effects number 316 over the top.

I found that a thinner coat produced different effects to a thicker coat. It says not to overlap so I ended up doing a really thin coat to begin with, but I quite like the effect, you can see it on the middle finger mostly. Problem with not being able to overlap is when you miss a bit, I found that I was dabbing away tryin to cover little bits, but I'm sure that'l get better with practice! The effect looks great though, loving it, I am looking forward to tryin it out with some pastel colours as the base!
I am off to my best friends tonight for some tea with the girls as the boy is away on a school trip (he works in a school) wonder what their verdict will be!