Monday, 27 June 2011


I bought some nailease nail art strips from ebay the other day.
I heard about them from a few various other blogs, and thought they looked cool, I wanted to try some myself.
So off I totteled to ebay... and found myself a lovely packet of Gold Nailease nail wraps.
They came quite quickly, but not quickly enough.
 I was off for 4 days from work so I wanted them on the friday morning.
But nevermind they came the saturday.
So off with the old nail varnish, on with the Nailease

In the pack you get 20 nail adhesive strips in different sizes.
People are saying there is enough for two applications with these, but that would mean using the too big or too small sizes on your nails.
I think there are 20 in the pack to give you a size range.

Anyway I picked my sizes, and lined them all up nicely.
Buffed my nails with the (rather crap) buffer that comes with the nail strips.
and away i went.

Well Horaay!! how bloody brilliant are these!
it went on so easy, just hold the silver tip, stretch over your nail, file off the excess with the (rather crap) nail file that comes with it. and hey presto!
lovely gorgeous shiny nails, with no mess, smell (only a little bit as they are real polish) or drying time!

Uber impressed!

I wore these from saturday morning to this monday morning and only had minimal tip wear, which was hardly noticeable.
They would of easily lasted a whole week I am sure!

Only worrying thing is the price..
 at £5..99 for in my opinion one application of polish.
It is rather pricey... however for that special occasion, or holidays where your nail polish gets too hot and goes gloopy, this is a very good buy!

Anyway I was raving about these, then popped into my local boots store to pick up some hedex tablets, when just innocently browsing the makeup counter, I saw some GOSH Nail Glitter...
Well "what is this?" I wondered.
So I bought it...

It basically is a little pot of glitter for £3.99
The glitter is very fine, and the packet reads on the back...

- apply a clear nail lacquer to your nails  (i used my barry m base coat, top coat and nail hardener)

- dip your nail in the small jar of glitter before the clear polish dries up
( i didn't dip my finger into the pot I used the seperate lid that came with it to get a small amount of the glitter and sprinkle it over my lacquered nail)

- brush off the excess glitter (which consisted of tapping the excess off)
and hey! you have gorgeous glamourous glitter nails

and to be honest these look amazing!
I have only just taken my nailease off and thought I'd try this whilst sat doing nothing..
and to be honest I didn't have very high hopes for it..
 but I did my whole hand just to show you how amazing it is!!

It may look more messy than the nail ease, but as it is real glitter it definatly shines more, has a texture to it, and you can have as much or as little as you like on it,
 never mind mentioning all the different colour possibilities!!

Basically I would buy this product over the nailease strips for glittery nails as it is a fraction of the price considering how little you actually need to use!

Oh and no drying time either!!

All in all a very successful nail varnishing weekend!


p.s sorry about the loooooooooooooooooong post congrats if you got to the end!



  1. looove the colour of the powdery one, gorgeous!
    following you :)


  2. i think the glitter powder is easy off


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