Thursday, 9 June 2011

Do you think I’m wasting my time, doing things I wanna do?

Its been aaages since I last posted, or it feels like it anyway.
I've been so busy with my new placement that I've not had chance for anything else
This past week has been a busy old week, and to top it off I'm struggling with doing my essay :( waaaaaaaaaaaaa
anyway to celebrate my reaching the 1000 word mark I thought I'd do an outfit post.
Today I am wearing...

New Look Top - recycled from my friend wardrobe
it has lace sleeves and a lace panel at the back absolute find I say!
Next High waisted shorts - my trusty faves to fall back on, I have rolled them up further than usual today tho, I am feeling daring!

Tights , not sure where from... just bog standard black tights
Clock necklace - matalan aaaaaaaages ago, I forgot I had it, perfect but it doesn't tell me the right time!
Red Lips - courtesy of Barry M Lip Lacquer in No.1, with a splodge of vaseline on the top, and then a good dollop of gosh eyeshadow dust in shade - "fox".. It creates a gorgeous matte appearance to any colour!
try it with Barry M dazzle dusts too!


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