Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Barry M Nail Effects

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Another Post about a Barry M product, I am beginning to think that's all I own...
but it shouldn't be so darn good!!
I went out to superdrug, my new favourite place due to having 10% discount there!
I bought this

£3.99 = bargain!!
I couldnt wait to try it out, but the boyfriend was in a rush to go out for a meal, so I didn't have time to paint my nails the day I bought it..

Eventually I have got round to doing it, even though I have to take it off for my first day with the paramedics tommorrow! eek!

I applied a base coat, then put Barry M 273 Raspberry on as a foundation colour

This colour worked perfectly with the neutral colours in my outfit, and my red lips!

I then applied my Barry M Nail Effects number 316 over the top.

I found that a thinner coat produced different effects to a thicker coat. It says not to overlap so I ended up doing a really thin coat to begin with, but I quite like the effect, you can see it on the middle finger mostly. Problem with not being able to overlap is when you miss a bit, I found that I was dabbing away tryin to cover little bits, but I'm sure that'l get better with practice! The effect looks great though, loving it, I am looking forward to tryin it out with some pastel colours as the base!
I am off to my best friends tonight for some tea with the girls as the boy is away on a school trip (he works in a school) wonder what their verdict will be!


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