Thursday, 28 April 2011

I got Bored...

I was bored, so decided to tackle the tribal trend with leopard print make up!

I wasn't sure how to approach this look at first, but after a bit of thought I decided on liquid eyeliner.

Now I am a bit silly and I didn't take any pictures where you can see the colour perfectly but this one is the best I  snapped!

I assure you the base of my eye was a pale cream/goldy colour, with black liquid liner used the create the spotted affect. Then I dabbed some dark brown eyeshadow into the gaps created by the liquid eyeliner to make the spots look a darker colour to the rest of my eyelid. (Just like leopard print looks!)
I used the same dark brown shadow to line my lids very close to the lash line.
I then used a black mascara to intensify my lashes.

After I was finished playing with my eyes, I decided to be a little more daring. Now I wouldnt wear this next look out in the street on a daily basis, but perhaps for a fancy dress party, or a catwalk/modelling show it would be appropiate.

I applied a base coat of  loose powder on my lips, then applied the same principle of using liquid eyeliner to create the illusion of leopard spots onto my lips. I dragged the spots upwards over the top of the right hand side of my lip.

Overall very pleased with how it looks! I just need an excuse to wear it now! (well the eyeshadow at least!)

What I used:
FrontCover eyeshadow in "powder puff"
FrontCover eyeshadow in "'coffee coin"
ELF Cream Eyeliner in "black" applied with FrontCover ShadowLine applicator

Maxfactor Facefinity Compact Foundation in "Ivory"
ELF Cream Eyeliner in "black" applied with FrontCover ShadowLine applicator

Charlie xx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Witty Humor Birthday/Anniversary/General Cards

I am totally loving the uncooked card range, heres just a few examples of the funny, witty, and darn right insulting slogans they have on their cards.

"its our anniversary, and I'm so happy i'm not bored or tired of you. i thought for sure by now I would be"

"the second we heard you were getting married we leapy for joy and cried tears of happiness. just kidding we're not losers"

"everyday i fall in love with you more and more. well not everyday, yesterday you were pretty annoying"

"i love the fact we don;t let things like the fact i'm prettier or funnier than you get in the way of our friendship"

"sometimes i wonder if your birthday really is when you say it is or if you're lying, like you do about your weight"

These can be bought from for a very resonable £2.50 with a very generous 10% off orders over £10

Thursday, 21 April 2011

MUA Make up

How good is the MUA (make up academy) range in superdrug!
£1 for any item from it, and if your a student like me, a further 10% off with your NUS card!

anyway, I have a few items from the range and thought I'd share my opinions on them...

Firstly this is one of their lipglosses [shade 2] (sorry about the poor quality picture)
It is a lovely lipgloss considering it only costs £1
It is a bit sticky and when the wind blows your hair gets stuck to it but it gives a nice coverage on it own, or it is a great colour enhancer over a nice red lipstick.

Here is a swatch of the colour

As you can see it doesnt come out as red as it looks from the outside, but it gives your lips a gorgeous colour to them, and looks really pretty.

Next is one of their Lipsticks [shade 6]

This colour is such a gorgeous colour, I would reccomend this for anyone who wants just a subtle hint of colour on their lips!
It would work better on paler complexions with minimalistic makeup on the rest of the face but I think most people could get away with it.

It glides on so smoothly, the only thing I can say to fault it is that it isn't as long wearing as other more expensive lipsticks, however considering the £1 price tag it doesn't seem to be a problem to me.

Next is an eyebrow pencil which I bought not so long ago

Again apologies for the poor picture
This is an eyebrow pencil in [blonde]
This works great with my eyebrows (I am naturally a very fair blonde) just to give them definition, it is very easy to use, and comes with a shaper brush on the end to tidy your brows up after!
Well worth the money! (£1)!

Yesterday I bought two more MUA items to add to my collection firstly is a brown eye pencil

Bought this because I have started to tone my eyemake up down during the day. I always wear black eyeliner and I feel with summer just around the corner Black is not a good look! This pencil is in shade [malt chocolate] and glides on smoothly without pulling. It has small specks of glitter in it too which looks really pretty. It can be used lightly for daytime looks or dramatised for the night time.
It comes with a little pencil sharpner in the lid which I thought was such a good idea!
No more rummaging through my makeup bag for a pencil sharpner now!

Finally I purchased a Brown Mascara

Once again this is a great little product considering its only £1
This is to go with my brown eye pencil. The mascara is in shade [4]
It has a slightly metallic sheen to it with small specks of glitter in.
The brush is quite a full brush, and it easily used.

From left to right
MUA Mascara [shade 4]
MUA Eyeliner Pencil [shade - malt chocolate]
MUA Eyebrow Definer [shade - blonde]


go get it at superdrug!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Keldy Cabins (Forest Holidays)

 Just been on a lovely weekend break to Keldy Cabins in North Yorkshire (only 40 mins from where I live)
The location is gorgeous set deep in the forest, with no-one but the birds and squirells to disturb you (apart from the other holiday makers obviously!) We stayed in the Golden Oak Cottage, which is the most luxurious on site, with a private hot tub, private sauna, free standing bath tub in the bedroom, en suite, and log burner. It is set in an idylic place on site, right in between the trees.

We decided we would explore the surrounding forests, and we weren't disapointed by what we saw!


The Other Log Cabins weren't cottages and they all vaired in size, and luxriousness! This is the one opposite ours, which didn't have a hot tub. Most of the others looked like this, but some were closer to the road than others.

WE decided to go into Pickering, which is very close by, only about 6 minutes by car. There was a lovely red carpet awaiting me! :)

All in all a lovely trip to Keldy Cabins, would recommend!


Monday, 18 April 2011


Tip of the Week:

Do NOT go into a sauna that is very hot, with no water in it...
It hurts...


Monday, 11 April 2011

Forever 21

Loving cheap and cheerful clothes this spring!
Forever 21 such a good online store, think there's a few stores around the country, but its apparently relatively new over in the UK.
It's a bit like America's version of Primark.

Loving the floral prints too this Spring, teamed with pastel nails!