Friday, 30 September 2011

ELF Haul!

I couldn't resist buying some items from ELF the other day when I saw their "free delivery and free stipple brush,when you spend over £10" offer!
So I went and bought £19.50 worth of products :) Here is what I got. If you would like a review of any of these products please let me know and I will do them ASAP, no doubt there will be a couple of reviews from them anyway! 
I am going away this weekend so I will have lots of pictures to show you when I get back!

My Parcel! :D 

Goodies inside!

Eyelide Primer - £1.50

Cuticle Pen - £1.50

MatteFinisher Polish - £1.50

Stipple Brush - FREE

Angled Foundation Brush - £3.50

All Over Color Stick in Spotlight - £1.50

All Over CoverStick in Apricot Beige - £1.50

Shimmering Facial Whip in Citrus - £1.50

Lip Liner and Blending Brush in Natural - £3.50

Make up Mist & Set - £3.50

Have you got any of these ELF products?


Monday, 26 September 2011

Two posts in one day!?

Whats going on!? 

Procrastination is whats going on! I've been window shopping.
These are my autumn-winter wants!

all images from

Do any of you own any of these items?
Which is your favourite?


Smartie Pants!

Hi Guys!
I am so sorry, I have been a bad blogger of late! 
I have just been so busy with my new placement that I havent had chance to do anything else!
I had the weekend of this weekend however, and went out with my friends on Saturday.
So I popped on my falsies and did a bit of nail art!
These falsies were bought because my actual nails have all but gone now! :( booooo! and I hate having short nails, so these were bought. In my last post you can see where I got them from, they were £1.89 :D bargain! 

Very impressed with the quality of these!

So anyway the nail art I did was inspired by a design which I found on the WAH nails website.

I used these polishes

MO - lemon meringue
BarryM - blueberry IC
Lime Green
Berry IC
Peach Melba
and the claires nail art pen!

I have decided they look like smarties because of the colours! Got so many compliments on these over the weekend! 

what have you guys been up to this weekend?


Monday, 19 September 2011

I've been shopping!

Hi Guys, 
Sorry for neglecting my blog lately, I have just started placement again and trying to get a routine sorted is a nightmare! So while I'm off today I thought I'd give my blog a little loving!
I went shopping today! and what a bargain hunter I was! 
To celebrate my 8lbs weight loss!! I wore my body con skirt which I haven't wore for ages.I will do an outfit post on it tommorow, because today I wanted to show you my goodies!
I went into boots firstly because my friend bought me a £10 voucher for there for my birthday. I wanted something a little special, something that I wouldn't usually buy myself. So when I spotted the new gift range in I had a goosey over there.
I picked up almost everyone, and some of the front cover ones are to rave about! Anyway, I picked up a 17 eye make up pallette. 
This is what it looks like on the outside, it is a very sleek design, and looks like a lovely little gift. 
Inside it has ten eyeshadows, the set was £10 so at £1 a eyeshadow its a bargain!

Inside it has two sections the left side is full of lighter shade for a "day look" and the right hand side more pigmented shades for a "night look". The pallette comes with a big mirror and two eyeshadow wands/brushes. 

Swatches:(done on my hairy arm, I do apologise!)

This is the Day Look set, L-R Light Pink, Pink, Orange, Limited edition Green, Medium Purple
These colours are lovely and shimmery, and they glide on well. To get this intensity of colour I did have to use a few layers, but I think that can be an advantage, especially if the look you are after is a subtle day time look.

This is the night time look, and this side isa bit more pigmented.
L-R Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Limitied Edition Bronze, Grey
These are again shimmery with the exception of dark blue and dark purple. 
Light blue is still a very light colour but I think it would work wonderfully with the grey or the dark blue.

Overall I am pleased with this pallette, and can't wait to try out some looks!

If you spend over £5 in boots you get a £5 off NO7 voucher, so I couldnt resist when I got mine to purchase the NO7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion. It is an amazing fake tan that retails at £12. I Love it but only buy myself it as a treat ocassionally!

Next stop was my local Boyes Store, if you've never heard of it, it is just a store that sells cheap things, from socks, to notebook, to garden trowels, to fabric.
Anyway so I got a few essentials and some bargains in there too! 
I got 

Radox bath bubbles! mmmmm £1
Soft & Gentle Deo - £1
Cucumber Mud Mask - 70p
I also bought a silver nail art pen but forgot to take a photo of it! duh! for £1

I then got these eyelashes for £1.99

and these nails for £1.89
I have bitten mine off :( waaaaaaaaaaaah! So for my night out at the weekend I am going to pop these on and do some nail art over these! I will grow mine again!

and to finish off my bargainous day, 
4 books from the charity shop for £4.96


happy days!



Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My First Blog Award :)

I'd like to say a huge thank you to CottonCandyINK (check out her awesome blog for fabulous beauty tips and nail art!) for awarding my with my first blog award! This was a lovely suprise so Thank You chick!!

Here's what you must do:
*Thank the person that gave you the awards, and link back to them  *Post seven things about yourself.
*Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
7 random things about yourself:

Favorite color?
Purple, the brighter the better!

Favorite animal?
My gorgeous little poochy, shes a collie X whippet <3
Favorite number?

Perfume I am wearing?
I need some new perfume!:( booo so I am wearing one by sanctuary spa

Something that identifies me?
my daft personality

What is my passion? 
Ultimatly to do well in my job(to get one first when I qualify in Jan)
but I do have other passions such as fashion,nail art,beauty and photography!
Would you rather get or give presents?
Oh definatly give! I'm looking at Christmas Gifts online already!!

What was the last eyeshadow you wore?
Smashbox Jet/Set

Favorite day of the week?
Used to be a saturday but now whenever I get time to relax :)

Are your nails painted now? 
Yes, Models Own - Buff Pink

15 Blogs for the award:

love Charlie

Monday, 12 September 2011

Windy Hair!

Hi Guys,
Just thought I'd share with you my Windy Hair day!! hehe
Unsure what its like where u all live but we are getting the tail end of the american hurricane, So for my little venture out to primark to take a cardigan back (outfit post later) which has a huuuuge hole in it, I thought it was best to put my hair up.

To create this I used one of the bun doughnuts you can buy, I got mine in blonde from Primark for £1 it is very easy to create. 
Put your hair in a bobble, pop the doughnut through your ponytail. 
Spread your hair around the doughnut, and secure with another bobble, and some clips! viola! it stays in really well to! I might upload another pic post windy walk to test it out!

Also just a quick outfit post

I do apologise for my scowl! haha
I am wearing 
Topshop highwaisted jeans 
Primark plain white tee
Primark feathered waistcoat
Necklaces from india



Thursday, 8 September 2011

I love the postman!

Look what he brought me!!

Been waiting for these bad boys to come. Models Own did a great job of shipping quickly considering the amount of orders they had.

L-R Buff Pink, Pink Punch, Lemon Meringue, Top Turquoise

I have never owned any of these polishes before and have heard such good reviews on them that I thought why not purchase £20 worth of products for a tenner in the sale??
It'd be rude not to really...

Anyway I am really pleased I did. These polishes are like a dream, sorry Mr M (Barry) I think you may have been replaced. 
These polishes glide on so smoothly, none of the gloopyness of Barry M products. To me Barry M seems rather a thick polish now I have been converted.
I used two coats on each and acheived these results.

Top to Bottom on the second image
Pink Punch
Buff Pink
Lemon Meringue
Top Turquoise

Pink Punch is a bright neon colour, which I am going to use to brighten up my autumn wardrobe. I know its not an autumn colour but who cares?? 
Buff pink is a gorgeous light pink colour that I think I will get away with wearing for work. 
Lemon Meringue - well i just love this!
and Top turquoise, not what i'd usually go for but again such good quality i love it...

and if thats not exciting enough for you check these out too!

Oh yes, i got some violent lips! 
These were a very late birthday pressie from my friend but its so worth the wait. I can't show you them on because you only get 3 applications for £10.50 and it would be a waste just to put them on to so my dissertation in. The main reason for purchase was to wear when i go see Ms Katy Perry in October, but if I wear them before then i'll be sure to review and show you guys.. I can't wait now..

This is what you get in the pack. There is a simple how to video on the website about how to fix your lips to make them look perfect and I can't wait to try them.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

very mini Superdrug Haul and mini review

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to share with you my mini haul from superdrug, and when I say mini I mean two items.. :D
Firstly I purchased this foundation it is Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation
It usually retails at £5.99 but I got it for £3.99 on the introductory offer.


I got this foundation due to a couple reviews I have read about it claiming it to be excellent. 
I am a nightmare when it comes to foundation and can neer find the right one, for years I have never stuck with the same one. The one I have been using is Maxfactors Smooth Effect but I felt this looked too orangey on my quite pale skin. Anyway so I swatched in the shop and chose the lightest, number 01 Ivory.
Here is a couple swatches for you to have a gander at. 
I have not tried it on my face yet due to already having a full face of make up but this is it on my hand.

Small amount of foundation, the foundation is not thick but it is not watery either, it is quite easy to rub on but I feel for someone who wants heavy coverage this is not the foundation for you. Having said that however this is my opinion just from a hand swatch! 

Ok and this is it rubbed in. It has gone into the lines on my hand (liney hands at 23! eeek!) 
and in real life it looks very orangey, considering it is supposed to be an ivory colour. 
I am quite skeptical that it actually has "matched my skin colour" but like I say this is only from a hand swatch, once I use it on my face I will do a proper face review.

So there you have my first buy. 

Second buy was this beauty!

Ahhhh! who doesn't love Batiste??? 
This is the 200ml bad boy and it is the XXL Volume one.
Again I haven't tried this but bear with me and I will do a full review of this product too if you would like.

This is on offer at the moment in Superdrug at half price at £1.99 or £1.95 but whose gunna complain over a few pennies if I got it wrong?? 

Anyway I shall love you and leave you with this little lot.
Have any of you tried these products?


Monday, 5 September 2011

WIWT, Blue Shorts

Hi guys,
just thought I'd share with you what I wore to the pub on Friday night! 
It features my new DIY shorts :)

Here it is, 
I teamed my shorts with some black tights, a cosy jumper and my black wedges which I love! Although I do want me feet to be a bit bigger so they are actually in proportion to my body!!

Shorts: DIY originally H&M
Jumper: H&M
Bandeau (not seen): New Look
Tights: Have no idea!
Wedges: A local shop called Studio

I also had in my hair a metal "hair band" 

I say "hair band" beacuse it is actually a necklace or a bracelet that can be twisted to make any shape. So I thought I'd try it out as a hair accessory. 

hope you all had a lovely weekend


Friday, 2 September 2011

DIY Pattern Shorts

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to show you my most recent DIY, its the most simple DIY anyone can ever do and I suggest you try it, if like me you have a pair of trousers you KNOW you'll never wear again.

These are the trousers... I bought them from H&M in the sale a while back.
I just decided I don't really suit trousers of this style and shape. This is the only day I have ever worn them so this morning I decided it was time for the chop!

This is the result 

It was very simple, all I did was put the trousers on, mark where I wanted the shorts to be, I added a cm or two just to be safe, you can always cut extra off but not add extra on. 
Then I removed the trousers and cut. 
I then turned the hem up twice and hand stitched them so they would stay. 
You could turn the hem the other way if you prefer to make a neater edge. 
Its up to you! Give it a go!

I will post a proper outfit post with them very soon!