Monday, 26 September 2011

Smartie Pants!

Hi Guys!
I am so sorry, I have been a bad blogger of late! 
I have just been so busy with my new placement that I havent had chance to do anything else!
I had the weekend of this weekend however, and went out with my friends on Saturday.
So I popped on my falsies and did a bit of nail art!
These falsies were bought because my actual nails have all but gone now! :( booooo! and I hate having short nails, so these were bought. In my last post you can see where I got them from, they were £1.89 :D bargain! 

Very impressed with the quality of these!

So anyway the nail art I did was inspired by a design which I found on the WAH nails website.

I used these polishes

MO - lemon meringue
BarryM - blueberry IC
Lime Green
Berry IC
Peach Melba
and the claires nail art pen!

I have decided they look like smarties because of the colours! Got so many compliments on these over the weekend! 

what have you guys been up to this weekend?



  1. Oh wow yours are so good! they look so much better. doesn't help all my nails are all broke and rubbish :( xx

  2. haha dont be daft! mine are falsies!! :P I loose marks for that


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