Monday, 12 September 2011

Windy Hair!

Hi Guys,
Just thought I'd share with you my Windy Hair day!! hehe
Unsure what its like where u all live but we are getting the tail end of the american hurricane, So for my little venture out to primark to take a cardigan back (outfit post later) which has a huuuuge hole in it, I thought it was best to put my hair up.

To create this I used one of the bun doughnuts you can buy, I got mine in blonde from Primark for £1 it is very easy to create. 
Put your hair in a bobble, pop the doughnut through your ponytail. 
Spread your hair around the doughnut, and secure with another bobble, and some clips! viola! it stays in really well to! I might upload another pic post windy walk to test it out!

Also just a quick outfit post

I do apologise for my scowl! haha
I am wearing 
Topshop highwaisted jeans 
Primark plain white tee
Primark feathered waistcoat
Necklaces from india



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  1. lovely outfit!, love the bun!

    thanks for your comment, have a great monday!


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