Thursday, 1 September 2011

WAH Nail Art inspiration and tutorial

(image from WAH Nails)
After reading Kim's Post showing off her Neon Nails inspired by the great WAH Nails I remembered about the Folder on my Laptop entitled "Nail Art to do" which is full of ideas and designs I want to try out from the designs on the WAH nails website. 
The Image above it one of these, now I was put off this one at first due to how difficult it looks but I gave it a go anyway. Please don't be put off trying this one, I am a pure novice when it comes to nail art and I have managed it, so please give it a go if you fancy it and make sure to leave your link!!
How To:
You Need:

Nail Polishes 
Choose ones that compliment each other well, you can opt for similar ones to mine or create your own! 

I used my old friend Barry M for this design. 
Barry M - White
Barry M - Peach Melba
Barry M - Mint Green
and a random gold polish I found lurking in the depths of my varnishes!


So after you've done your cuticles, applied base coat and everything we can get started!
As you can tell from the first image the full nail hasnt been painted a semi-circle has been left at the nail base. 
To achieve this I used these...

These were £1 from my local Discount Store

They are the semi circle shaped nail guide. 
 STEP 1: I applied the nail strips to the base of the nail ensuring base coat was FULLY dry otherwise the nail strips pull the lacquer off. After application painted each finger in polish, waited for it to dry and removed the strips.

STEP 2: Using Barry M Peach Melba and the end of a make up brush (or a dotting tool if you own one) I dotted the shapes for my flowers onto the white nails. 
STEP 3: Using a very thin paintbrush and Barry M White, the petals of the flowers were added by simply painting just inside the peachy dots with the white paint. 

STEP 4: The leave were added using the thin paintbrush and Barry M Mint Green, by simply brushing two small green lines either side of the flower

STEP 5: The gold line was added using the thin paintbrush onto the edges on the semi circles

And Done!

Hope you like, will you be trying this or any other WAH nail designs? 
Feel free to leave a link to your blog if you have tried this out, I would love to see your designs!




  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my Elf Cosmetics post, Charlie:D I agree, Elf Cosmetics are very good! A lovely blog you have btw, I'm just going to have to follow!<3

  2. Wow, what a cute style ! I'll be trying that, but I'm afraid that I'm not patient enough. Propably end up ruining the whole thing :D

    I love doing zebra/tiger stripes and other patterns.. I haven't done a DIY post yet, maybe I'll write one about the tiger stripes. :)

    Have a great weekend !


    I always follow back ;)


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