Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Front Cover Smoky Look

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to share with you this look i created for an evening out at the weekend.

It was created with the Front Cover to Go eyeshadow pallette

(image sourced from google images)

Now I know this palette is old news but I love it and I keep going back to it, it is my trusty favourite. I received it for a present a while back and its still going strong!
What I love about these palettes is that it includes some make up tips and mini tutorials on how to create a certain look. However to create my look I used my imagination.
The Colours I used were 

L- R 
Powder Puff, Pale Gold, Citronella Crush and Copper Coin

L - R 
Powder Puff, Pale Gold, Citronella Crush and Copper Coin

As you can see all the colour compliment each other well!
I used Powder Puff as the base and took it right up to my eyebrow to create a shimmery look.
I then took Pale Gold and blended this into the Socket and to the edge of the eye. 
Using Copper Coin, I carefully blended this along my upper lash line, and on the lower lash line. 
To Finish I blended a small amount of Citronella Crush into the socket line to create a pop of colour. 

There are so many other colours in this set and I have tried so many looks. I am not sure if they still sell this set, but if they do it is worth getting your hands on it! The colours are really pigmented, and shimmery. Boots tend to sell this brand at christmas time I have noticed and with the festive season just around the corner (oh yes you heard me right!) now it the time to get your wishlist written!


Monday, 29 August 2011

What I wore...

What I wore to my Aunties 50th meal on Saturday...

 Blouse - Primark
Bandeau (under blouse) - New Look
Leather Shorts - Topshop
Bracelet - Primark
Earrings - Primark

 Shoes - Next

Nails - inspired by CottonCandyINK's colour blocking nails!


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Flower Power and tutorial

Hi Ladies
Just thought I'd share with you my tootsies!
Now you must feel priviledged as I never show my toes to anyone! 
But I decided it was time to brave the world and show them off, 
in celebration for this revelation I decided to paint them a nice lilac colour (Barry M Berry I/C to be precise) and top them off with some pinky flowers. 
I learnt this technique from a friend but I don't have to right tools to do as good a job as her, so please bear with me!
Step 1:

paint the nail with Barry M Berry I/C

Step 2:

Dot Pink "splodges" with a dotting tool (or the end of a make up brush) 
onto nail to create base for flower Barry M Raspberry was used for this

Step 3:

Dot lighter pink around the edges of the dots to create the "highlight" effect on the flower and the petals. 
I used Barry M Pale Pink for this

And there you go!

One set of perfectly (nearly) polished feet!


Friday, 26 August 2011

Make up Storage

Hi guys,
I wanted to share my new make up storage with you!
I was saying last week how I wanted a new make up storage system, so I went onto ebay and found myself a BARGAIN professional make up box for £4!
Here it is

When I received it I thought, oh heck how am I going to fit ALL my make up in here,
well I managed it, but its now pretty full so I think I will need something else also! boooo but even so I love how organised it's made me with my make up! Take a peak...

I have organised it into Face on the top, Lips in the middle, Eyes on the third and Nails and Brushes on the bottom.

How do you guys store your make up?
Any further suggestions for me?


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Whats on ... my face!

Hi guys, thought i'd do a little extra blog today as I'm procrastinating from doing my essay!

Thought I would show you guys my face! and what I have put on it today!

My face...

This is me today!
These ar the products I have used, if you would like a review of any of these please let me know!

L - R

Pink Cosmopolitan blend perfection sponge £4
Barry M Kohl eyeliner in White £2.59 ish
Elf Cream eyeliner in Black - £3.50
Beneift Boi-ing Concealer in 01 £16.50
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Absolute Black - £5.99
Maxfactor Smooth Effect Foundation in Buff Beige - £5.99 on offer usually £7.99
Sleek Hide it concealer in 00 £3.40
MUA Professional Mosiac Blusher in English Rose £2.50
Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint £4.99
Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow £7.99
Smashbox Duo Eyeshadow in Jet/Set approx £14


Benefit Boi-ing Quickie Review

Hi Guys, just thought I'd do a quickie review on this product!
I bought it from ebay at the weekend and it arrived today.

First impressions?
Great packaging, love the pink and black, inside it has a handy little pull out guide on how to make the most from your new concealer, which I thought was really useful.

It is called Industrial Strength concealer, which I can guarantee will be the inspiration for many of my Boyfriends jokes!

I decided to try it out straight away! I took some before and after shots of my horrendously dark eyes so apologies now for the awful pictures!!

This is my eye BEFORE application of Boi-ing!

This is my eye AFTER application of Boi-ing!

As you can see a significant difference.

Only problem i encountered was that I felt I did have to put a fair bit on because of the slightly greasy consstency. In the instructions it does say to rub between your fingers to warm to product up for easier application, but I skipped that stage as I think it might make it more greasy, and it was easy to apply.
Going by the instructions the best way to apply is with your finger tips, and I can imagine that is true, as with a concealer brush I should imagine you would be left with awful brush marks, at least with the fingers you can dab dab dab until perfect!!

Another awful picture haha!

This is just a compare side by side, the eye to YOUR LEFT has no make up, the eye to YOUR RIGHT has Boi-ing on.

Also sorry the picture appears blurry it was taken from a distance and zoomed in! I havent done any editing what do ever!

Overall I give this concealer 8/10

Do you guys use this concealer?


Sunday, 21 August 2011

A week in Sleek

Following on from my purchase of these three Sleek Pout Paints in Mauve over, Pin up and Cloud 9, I decided to post my lip colour creations from this week!
These colours were made with these three colours only.
I used a thick lip brush to apply the paints.

I love love love mauve over and cloud 9 mixed together it creates a lovely light pinky purple colour, and i got many compliments off this colour. As you can see some of the photos the lip paint looks overloaded, and I think that is when more colours are mixed together. I would suggest mixing these into a small pot so you can take it with you when you go out and reapply as neccesary. The paints are quite hard wearing, and do not come off easily. They do wear when eating and drinking, and if the wind is blowing BE CAREFUL, hair in lip paint = lip paint all over cheeks! eeek. Other than these few minor irritations that are most likely personal to myself these paints are the ones to have!! amazing is the word, so many versatile colours, ( I didnt wear Cloud 9 out on its own, i thought I'd just do a lip swatch for you guys) I am going out to purchase three more now! another week in sleek to come!!

what do you think of these paints? would you wear these colours?


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Weekly Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist

I have seen so many things that I just would love this week! some are very random if I may just warn you! :)

  Storage Caddys to store my make up and other bits and bobs in. My make up always gets covered in powder when it is in my make up bag, and I saw someone elses blog (if i could remember who i would credit them, let me know if you know who it is!) who had done this, and I want it!!

Melting Shelf Clock, I was a big fan of Salvador Dali's work when I was at Art College, this is a little quirky clock that is quite like his work.

Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch, I can't decide what colour, but oh how I would love one of these in my mits! 

Fisheye camera! To reignite my passion for all things film! 
Can't beat good old film photography, and dark rooms!

Cath Kidston Iphone Cover! Please! 

Lime Grime Lipsticks! Especially the blue one!!! How gorgeous is this!! 

On the other hand if I grab myself Peek-a-Bloo I could perhaps do some mixing!

(all pictures found via google images)

These things are things I would like please Fairy Godmother!! 


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blue & Pink

Hi guys,
Just a quick post today showing off my new blue and pink leopard nails!
Its the first time I've tried this on my hands and I think it looks great!
it is such a versatile look and can be changed according to mood, or dress sense!

I used Barry M in Strawberry I/C and Blueberry I/C
plus the Black Claires Nail Art Pen


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ciate and Stripes!

Using my Marie Clare Ciate Polish in shade My Fair Lady, and combining this with my new Claire's Accessories Nail Art Pen, I decided to get creative!!
I've been wanting a nail art pen for a while now, and I thought a good start colour would be a black one!

At first I was confused (yes it doesn't take a lot) at how to get into the actual "pen" bit. However after googling (how do I open my Claires Nail Art Pen?) I was in!! and got cracking!!

I recently purchased a midi length stripey dress from Primark, for a good old £11 but silly me didn't take a full photo of it! I will outfit post it soon though! 

This was the inspiration for my first attempt at "proper" nail art :D

What d'ya think??

 The actual pen was very easy to use, I used the long thin brush bit to make this pattern, and just applied it with my (not so) very steady hand! 
The base coat of the Ciate was the perfect colour match to my dress, however it did need three coats on before a fully opaque. Which is slightly more than I would usually put on but it looked effective and unlike the Barry M Nail Paints, it doesn't go clumpy or bumpy when a few liberal coats are applied!
It gets top marks in my book!!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Mini Beauty Haul

I have been away for a week, in a little place called Pangbourne, near Reading. While there I picked up a few bits and pieces...

I was looking around for a magazine to keep me occupied on the train journey, and stumbled across the newest edition of Marie Clare, never a fan of Marie Clare really but when I saw the fantastic Ciate offer they had, just couldn't resist! 

I bought the mag with the polish in shade "my fair lady" because I think I will get more wear out of this colour.

I have been having my eye on these Ciate polishes for quite a while and I am so pleased I finally have one in my paws!!

The kind Marie Clare people also threw in this Dove hair therapy conditioner too! So who I am to complain!?

Next to be on my List was some foundation, so off I popped to Superdrug in Reading, and low and behold what do they stock!!? Sleek Make up! Well I just about fell over with excitement!! I have been wanting to try to Sleek Pout Polishes ever since seeing them on Pretty in the Desert's blog! 

My local superdrug in my little North Yorkshire town doesn't stock this brand so you can imagine how excited I was when the Pout Polishes were on a 3 for 2 offer aswell!! 

I decided to go for Pin Up, Mauve Over, and Cloud 9  (which is a mixer shade)

I tested Pin Up on the back of my hand, but misjudged how much or should I say little you actually need... cue my hands and my jumper being a red mess after trying to rub it off!! It passed the stubborness test!!

Anyway I purchased those along with some concealer and foundation from the brand.. 

I have some swatches from the Pout Polishes here for you guys...

This amount is all you need!! Maybe even less when you actually put it on your lips (another blog post for that soon!)
Top to Bottom - Cloud 9, Pin Up, Mauve Over

As you can see, very pigmented shades and a little really does go a long way. It has quite a thick consistency, and I would advise using a lip brush to apply these onto your lips, it is also a bugger to get off!! Kiss proof is what we will call it! This image is without flash, I decided to take one with the flash, (but Cloud 9 doesn't show) as the shades are a little brighter in real life and the flash image captures it a tad better!

I really want the Peachy Keen colour next! and I will defo be re purchasing these!

Thanks for reading such a long post!

Ta Ta for now!