Thursday, 25 August 2011

Benefit Boi-ing Quickie Review

Hi Guys, just thought I'd do a quickie review on this product!
I bought it from ebay at the weekend and it arrived today.

First impressions?
Great packaging, love the pink and black, inside it has a handy little pull out guide on how to make the most from your new concealer, which I thought was really useful.

It is called Industrial Strength concealer, which I can guarantee will be the inspiration for many of my Boyfriends jokes!

I decided to try it out straight away! I took some before and after shots of my horrendously dark eyes so apologies now for the awful pictures!!

This is my eye BEFORE application of Boi-ing!

This is my eye AFTER application of Boi-ing!

As you can see a significant difference.

Only problem i encountered was that I felt I did have to put a fair bit on because of the slightly greasy consstency. In the instructions it does say to rub between your fingers to warm to product up for easier application, but I skipped that stage as I think it might make it more greasy, and it was easy to apply.
Going by the instructions the best way to apply is with your finger tips, and I can imagine that is true, as with a concealer brush I should imagine you would be left with awful brush marks, at least with the fingers you can dab dab dab until perfect!!

Another awful picture haha!

This is just a compare side by side, the eye to YOUR LEFT has no make up, the eye to YOUR RIGHT has Boi-ing on.

Also sorry the picture appears blurry it was taken from a distance and zoomed in! I havent done any editing what do ever!

Overall I give this concealer 8/10

Do you guys use this concealer?


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  1. thanks so much for this! very detailed and helpful :)


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