Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mad Hatters Tea Party - What I wore...

So I've just stared a lookbook, thought I'd share my first look with you guys.. what do you think?

I wore this to a posh place for afternoon tea today with the boyfriend...

Thought I'd share a few snaps with you guys


Crayon Fun!

I LOVE Barry M lip paint, nail paint, and pretty much any other product made by this company.
So when I heard about their Lip Lacquer I thought I just had to try it!
I opted for the brightest most pigmented red they had, as I love wearing red lipsticks, but a few months ago I dyed my natural blonde hair red which left me feeling unable to wear my statement red lips... anyway, I am now back blonde, so I felt like a little celebratory purchase, this is what I got...

Its the Barry M Lip Lacquer, Lip Crayon in No.1

Swatch With Flash (Top) Without Flash (Bottom)


Before...(top) without flash (left) with flash (right)
After... (bottom) without flash (left) with flash (right)

I wore it out to the pub last night, and I can safely say it lasted me a few drinks until I had to reapply, and I only had to reapply a thin layer...
It has a very thick consistency, but is easy to apply.
It feels very heavy compared to normal lipsticks but it wears really well..
Overall very impressed with this product, will be buying multiple colours
It costs £3.99 in superdrug, if you are a student you get 10% off and superdrug have alos just launched their new beauty card, so get yourself there!

What are your favourite Lippie's?

Saturday, 28 May 2011


After having a huge sort out of my wardrobe, drawers and other such areas in my room I have begun to realise just how much stuff I actually own!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

DIY + Charity Shop =

I've been meaning to post this for a while, I bought this gorgeous skirt from a charity shop the other week, and I had an idea of the top I wanted to wear it with.
I bought this bandeau from New Look for £3.99 and thought it looked lovely with the skirt.
Now I don't like showing my belly off as a rule, and I am a big fan of tassles, so off I went to the local haberdashery store (Boyes up here in the North of England) and bought some black tassle.
I stitched it onto the bottom of the bandeau and...!

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My pink & gold Nails

I saw a style like this in one of my fashion mags, and thought i'd try it out for myself.
In the mag they used a gold nail art pen, which I dont own, so before hopping to the shop to buy one, thought I would see if I liked the effect by using my gold nail polish which I have had for so long that I have no idea where it came from or what make as it has all worn off the bottle!!

Anyway I am pleased with the results, the left hand is better than the right (i will master the left handed nail painting technique!)
I think a finer brush or a nail art pen would look fabulous and glam, but I love this rough look too!

I can tell you I used Barry M in "Pale Pink" as the base colour, however for the gold... no idea!! sorry!


also check out this fantastic giveaway!!

What I bought today!

Top - £8 Matalan
Trousers - £18 Matalan
With Student Discount at 10% its a bargainous outfit!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

My Spotty Nails!

What I used:

Base: Barry M Nail Paint in shade 66 - Matt White
Spots: Barry M Nail Paint in shade 308 - Berry Ice Cream

Charlie xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Just because I don't like the number 13

This is my 14th Blog post!
Oh Heck How have I managed that already.
Anyway I thought I'd just share some of my new purchases with you, reviews of these items will be coming later!

Collection 2000 PopTastic eyecolour pallette. I bought this as I am loving the bright pop colours at the moment and thought these would brighten up my makeup for the summer.
Revlon Photoready makeup.
(sorry about the sideways picture!)
Foundation and concealer stick

MUA pressed powder compact.

Revlon "Just Bitten" Lip Stain & Balm
This has a balm on one end and a felt tip style lip stain in the other.
Only got this as I bought the two Revlon make ups and it was buy 2 get 1 free!

Collection 2000 extreme 24 hours felt tip liner in black
A liquid eyeliner in a felt tip!?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Firstly Let me start of by saying

now that I have that out of my system I would like to share with you my new nail polish by MUA.
It is in shade 13 which is a lovely emerald green colour!

Love this colour, and the price at only £1 each!
Oh and sorry about the awful nails!!

Charlie xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

My first DIY!

After stumbling upon a fantastic blog by a girl called Heather Find her Here!

I decided I was going to get the sewing kit out and try a few of my own customisations!
So off I went to the charity shop in my home town, and found this little number...

The pattern on it was what caught my eye, as I was looking for something unusual.
Anyway I got my scissors and sewing kit out, and set about to work!

First I chopped the arms off, then to tidy them up I hand stitched (as I don't own a sewing machine) around the edge of the sleeves.
Then to add a bit of extra "me-ness" to the shirt, i decided to stitch some new buttons onto the shirt.

These ones looked booooring!

So I replaced with these ones!

Much better...

Overall the end product looks like this!


Shirt: £2.99 - age concern
Shorts: £9 - Primark
Buttons: 12p each - local haberdashery store

Hope you like it!
Charlie xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pretty Green Eyes

In Crease:
 Azimuth applied with a small eyeshadow brush, applied quite thickly to get more pigment. The shadows themselves are very pigmented but depending upon how bright you want to go the thicker you can apply.
Over Lid:
FrontCover Tarn Green applied with thicker brush. Light coat of this applied to give a light colour tinge.

Totally in love with the frontcover range. These two delicious colours come from my frontcover to go! go! go! kit.. which was a pressie. However I do know they retail at around £35 but they are available on ebay for much cheaper!

Charlie xx