Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hi My Lovelies!!
Happy Halloween to you all!

What has everyone been up to? 
As I didn't go out at the weekend I decided to get creative with some halloween nails!

I decided to Pumpkinise my nails! 
I had this idea in my head of how I wanted it to look, and it wasn't how it turned out.
To be honest they look more like little orange pac man ghosties! 
I forgot pumpkins had noses! whoops
anyway here they are and a mini tutorial for you!

Step 1:
Paint Nails white with Barry M Matte White
(this helps to makes your nails POP! with a bright colour)

Step 2:
Paint your nails with desired colour.
As I was doing pumpkins what better colour than a bright Orange!
I chose Barry M Tangerine

Step 3:
Paint your little pumpkin faces on your nails with your Black Nail art pen
Mines from Claires!

There you have it, your little halloween friends!

I had a few compliments from these, but on the whole I felt like a right doofus when I waas handing over money in superdrug this morning (haul post later!)

These are cute, but they will be coming off later on tonight!
I also don't think I can be a Barry M ambassador anymore, since converting to Models Own the product just isn't the same!! booooooooo! 
Barry M = gloopy and thick, very hard to handle and paint on the nail!
I had to get my boyfriend to do everything for me because I didn't want to ruin my mani!
(thats what I told him anyway hahahaha) 
but no seriously guys! this thing didnt dry properly for aaages! and it still frikkin smudged!!

you get what you pay for apparently - thats what my mum said!

Anyway... onto other halloweeny things!
I've been making some goodies!!

I made - Toffee Apples, Chocolate Apples and Rice Krispie Cakes!!!
I had too much melted chokky left over hence the oh so NOT spooky rice krispy cakes!

 My toffee apples, that just look like normal frikkin apples! lets hope they taste better than they look!

My chocolate apples which I can't wait to try! 
I love chocolate thats been melted then hardened again!

and on that note 
I will leave you with this jolly little video made by me with the help of the good old autodance app!! get it if you haven't already, its free on iphone!


Sunday, 30 October 2011


Welcome to my first ever giveaway!! 
I've been waiting to do this for ages for my 50 follower giveaway, but I just can't wait any more!
I love reading others peoples blogs, and everyones lovely comments they leave for me, so I feel its time to give something back to you lovely lot! 
What you can win...

Models Own - Fuzzy Peach
Models Own - Garnet
Technic pretty pastels - Yellow
L.A. Colours - Electrified 
MUA - Shade 13 (a shimmery emerald green) 

I'll be throwing in a pretty floral emery board, some minature Gilchrist & Soames products and some yummy scrummy love hearts sweeties!!

Its not a huge giveaway but I just wanted to give something back to you all, as a way of saying thank you!!!

So... how to enter?

Be a follower via GFC  (1 entry)
Post about my Giveaway (1 entry)
Put my Giveaway on your sidebar (1 entry)
Follow me on Twitter @charlieswonder and tweet about this Giveaway (1 entry)

Leave me a comment below stating which of the above you have done, and leave me your email address so I can contact the winner

Thank you! and Good Luck!

Giveaway will end midnight on the 30th November!




Hi guys,
I went to Katy Perry on the 27th of this month! 
She was amazing!
I managed to get right to the front, and got some good pics, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you.
Again, don't read on if you are planning on seeing her and you don't want the suprise ruined!

My smiley face after the gig!



Monday, 24 October 2011

NOTD - Models Own Pink Punch & Glitter

Hi Guys,
For Todays NOTD I used Models Own Pink Punch as my base
I love wearing this colour as it is so IN YOUR FACE!! 
I keep staring down at my neon fingernails! 
Unfortunatly these pictures do not do this colour proud. 
In real life it is much much much more vibrant and neon, almost a fluro pink.
On these pics it looks orange, if anyone has any better pics of Pink Punch feel free to leave a link in the comments box! 

I decided I would try and do a glitter as my next venture, I have done crackle in my last post. The next step is glitter polish. 
Again I aren't a fan... or should I say wasn't a fan.. 
Until I found w7's glitter polish in my local cheapy shop!
It is such a glittery product that I couldn't resist buying it for a mere £1.49
I decide to do two different designs on my hands as I wanted to experiment with it
The sellotape mani did not turn out as expected.
These are the two manis I did. 

Left - I used sellotape to create the lines, and painted over the top with the glitter polish. This did not work exactly as planned and looks quite messy, I wouldn't reccomend copying this unless your a pro!!

Right - starting with a light coat paint the tips with the glitter. Then apply another heavier coat to teh very tip of the tips, this creates a gradient effect and is not so blunt

The tips in glitter is by far my favourite, and I will def be doing this some more in the future. I have to thank Kim from SweetMonday for this inspiration! Thanks chick!
Hope you like

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Frosting NOTD

Winter is coming. Brrrrrr.
To get in the mood I decided to frost my nails!
It looks so much better in person! but nevermind.

For this NOTD I used Models Own, Top Turquoise as a base, 
and Barry M Nail effects Shatter in White. 

It very simple to do , all I did was a white tip with the shatter polish and hey presto!
I thought it looked like frost, it kinda reminded me of winter when your deicing your car! oh how I look forward to that... NOT!

I'm not a huge fan of shatter polishes, and wanted to try and find a different way of using it, I like this effect, and as I say it does look more effective in person when its not a huge close up of my bitten (boooohoooo) nails!

Hope you like them! 
Is shatter polish your thing? or are you plain old bored now?


P.S once I reach 50 followers I will be doing a Models Own/ Barry M giveaway
watch this space!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Zombie Makeup

After seeing a couple of peoples Zombie Makeup for Halloween check them out:

I thought I'd do my own... What do you think?


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another Blog Award :)

Oooo I feel like I should have a red carpet soon with all these awards!
i'll be giving Angelina a run for her money! 
Cory from LittledashofSpice has nominated me for this lovely award!

Go check out her blog using the link above!!!

So onto the rules... 

Thank and link back the person who nominated you -- done

Write seven random facts about yourself that people won't necessarily know.
Award 15 other blogs and their lovely bloggers.

7 facts
1. I have really weird feet/toes, Square & Short, if I were born in the olden days I'd of been drowned cause they would of thought I was a witch! 
2. I hate to hear people eat (apart from babies they are cute for some reason)
3.  I feel sorry for people who others may laugh at (guy falling over in a street for example)
4. I always used to bite my nails until I started blogging. I stopped specifically so I could do NOTD and Nail Art posts.
5. I have a thing for Primark jewellery, I very rarely can walk away from Primark without a piece of jewellery. (I did today however! Haul post to come)
6. I love the new Uncle Bens Rice Times and take one to work every day!
7. I hardly ever do my skin care routine properly even though I know I should. Maybe I should do a blog series on it, that would spur me on!
Ok now you've heard some really odd things about me onto 15 bloggers who should get this award!!
10. Sarah (I heart cosmetics)
Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Funny Face Beauty Dare to Wear Challenge

Funny Face Beauty Blog has a feature called "Dare to wear" some of the looks shes posted I just couldn't see myself doing it. However when she posted a dare to wear challenge relating to these Illamasqua "theatre of the nameless" make up collection I had to takepart! 
It is right up my street, I love playing with eyeliner and making pretty shapes and what not!

There were a number of pictures on Funny Face's Blog but this one 
above inspired me the most. 

So you wanna see what I created?

 I wanted to create a look that was quite wearable for a night out, and with the black eyeliner coming back into the limelight I thought this would do me nicely thank you!

 The pink lipstick really stood out and I tried it without the black line around at first, however it looks much better for this dare to wear challenge with the black liner!

I apologise for the SUPER posey pics!!

So there you have it.. My Look 



ELF Shimmering Facial Whip

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip retails at £1.50 from online store ELF cosmetics
Check all the colours out here 

I recently purchased this with my ELF haul (before their 50% sale may I add, Darn!)

I thought it was about time I reviewed a couple of products from this purchase,
so I will start with this one.  

I purchased the shade "Citrus" because I thought it looked like the most versatile colour to wear. I wish I had picked a more pinky colour now, which you will see why soon! 
To start with it is all packaged very plainly but nothing wrong with that. You get what you see basically. When it came I did think it would be a little bigger but then I am no good with calculating size based on the weight of a product! 
I was exicted to try this out, so popped a little onto my hand. 
This is what came out of the tube.

Its bloody silver! I thought. So I warmed the tube up gently in my hands, rolled it around until it was probably very dizzy, and tried again... still the same mostly silver liquid (quite runny liquid) came out of the tube.
Well it is a shimmering facial whip. Was my second thought, so hey I went about and smudged it around my hand.
What I got was this...
Its still bloody silver! 
Anyway using my stipple brush (£3.50) I patted it and "stippled" it onto my face.
To tell you the truth it looks very nice on my face as long as I don'tgo overboard with it. 
Unfortunatly theres no room for error with it as it is quite difficult to cover up/get off once its on without ruining the rest of your perfectly makeuped face!

I have been using it as mostly a highlighter on my face and have received compliments that my skin is "glowing" and "healthy" so I give it top marks for that! 
It doesn't feel greasy, and it has good staying power. It is easier to apply with the Stipple Brush due to its consistency. It is a very very runny liquid and with your fingers it tends to leave finger streaks, and that isn't the best look really.

This is what it looks like on my face!

I had to use a photo of my full face as I couldn;t get a decent one of just the cheek! This is with the facial whip applied to the apples of my cheeks and a powder blusher applied over the top... I like the look of this as a highlighter with another product, but for use alone its a no no for me (in this colour anyway) I'd like to try the more pinky colours to see if this had an effect on the way it looks alone.

The website also states it can be used on eyes or lips. So I tried it on my lips, I have avoided using it on my eyes as I feel it would be too runny and wouldn't stay on. 
Here it is on my lips.

Quite nice isn't it?
(I don't know what the lines are down the centre of my teeth but I swear I don't have liney teeth in real life!)

It has a subtle colour to it and the shimmer makes my lips really stand out. I love it as a lip colour. 
It is difficult to apply to the lips with your finger, so I would suggest appling with a thick bristled lip brush.

Overall for price the product is great!
Well packaged and very versatile. 
I would buy again, and I would reccomend to a friend.
Have you got this facial whip? 
Would you buy it now?


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mr Barry, and Mr ELF meet MUA

Who doesn't like the odd treat?
Well to celebrate my 3lbs weight loss this week I
decided to go to Superdrug and buy some treats for myself! 

I intially wanted the Barry M palest lavender lip paint, but convinced myself not to buy it due to wanting to save up for some more expensive lippies.

I eventually chose a nail paint, in Mushroom, because following my last post I got all autumny and wanted some nice new nail colours to suit. 

I then trotted over to the MUA counter where a colour struck me (not literally jumped off the shelf, but if it could it certainly would of!) anyway... 
This colour struck me because it looked so.. odd. I ummed and ahhed and eventually picked it up and popped it in my basket, it is like a mossy green colour, shade 23.

So I got home and put them on my nails, and I bloody love them!! 

I also think they go really well together.Unfortunatly I am at work tommorow so the polish is just a quick one coat to show you before I have to take it off. But the coverage is brilliant for one coat don't you think? Usually Barry M polishes take a few coats, this one is a dream, and as forthe MUA polish as a cheaper (£1) polish you'd expect about 4 coats!! 

As I wanted to see what these colours would look like with my ELF Matte Polish on top I decided I would try it to show you, and to give you a mini review on that product too. 
I bought this product with my Elf Haul last month. 

It states you need to apply one coat over the top of dry nails, and watch as the magic happens hahaha it doesn't say that last bit!

Anyway the magic really does happen and I love the effect it gives! It's only £1.50 and its brilliant for the price! I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who hasn't tried it before, there are some matte polishes out there anyway, but for £1.50 you can transform your favourite colours into matte colours without having to splash the cash!! 

With the finisher on. 

I actually prefer these colours matte.I tried the Finisher on a Barry M's Raspberry the other day and admittly it didn't look as good, so I think its trial and error
as to which colours look better matte or normal. 

Have any of you tried this Finisher, and if not will you now?
What autumny nail colours are you lusting after right now?


Monday, 10 October 2011

Autumn inspiration

I went on a little break last weekend, and it was very autumny! 
These colours are whats inspiring me right now.
(picture heavy)

My choices :)
(all images from shop websites)

Do you like autumn fashion?