Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another Blog Award :)

Oooo I feel like I should have a red carpet soon with all these awards!
i'll be giving Angelina a run for her money! 
Cory from LittledashofSpice has nominated me for this lovely award!

Go check out her blog using the link above!!!

So onto the rules... 

Thank and link back the person who nominated you -- done

Write seven random facts about yourself that people won't necessarily know.
Award 15 other blogs and their lovely bloggers.

7 facts
1. I have really weird feet/toes, Square & Short, if I were born in the olden days I'd of been drowned cause they would of thought I was a witch! 
2. I hate to hear people eat (apart from babies they are cute for some reason)
3.  I feel sorry for people who others may laugh at (guy falling over in a street for example)
4. I always used to bite my nails until I started blogging. I stopped specifically so I could do NOTD and Nail Art posts.
5. I have a thing for Primark jewellery, I very rarely can walk away from Primark without a piece of jewellery. (I did today however! Haul post to come)
6. I love the new Uncle Bens Rice Times and take one to work every day!
7. I hardly ever do my skin care routine properly even though I know I should. Maybe I should do a blog series on it, that would spur me on!
Ok now you've heard some really odd things about me onto 15 bloggers who should get this award!!
10. Sarah (I heart cosmetics)
Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!



  1. Thank you for the nomination :-) Xxx

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! :) x


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