Sunday, 31 July 2011

My week in pictures

Bungle choosing her takeaway for the evening

mmmm.. Ben n Jerrys Half Baked... Half Price in Sainsburys

Cafe Nero Breakfast!

Mine and my bestys nails courtesy of her cousin

Redcar beach

The sky above the hospital where I work

Loving the sky here

My boring Harcombe diet meal... it worked I lost 4lbs in 2 and a half days... before I gave up cause I actually felt like I was going to die!


Monday, 25 July 2011

Sellotape + Nail Varnish = hours of fun!

After seeing Janes tape mani creations (link) I decided to give it a whirl myself! Head over to Janes Blog to check out her tutorials to see how I have created these looks. I decided to try a different style on each finger as I need to remove my polish for work tommorow anyway! So for the base coat I used the very popular Barry M Peach Melba. I then used Blueberry Ice Cream on my little finger, Berry Ice Cream on my ring finger, Mint Green on my middle finger, an 89p jobby from boyes in pastel yellow for my forefinger, and Coral on my thumb... Heres the Results...  

As you can see I need a bit of practice, but practice makes perfect!! I am looking forward to trying some more designs out when I have a few days off!!



The Harcombe Diet

image from google images

Stop counting calories and start losing weight!
Sounds good doesn't it?
So I think I will try it!

Vital Stats Day One
Height - 5ft 4  (163cm)
Weight - 9st 8lbs  (134lbs)
BMI - 23.0
Bust - 34in
Waist - 29in
Hips - 40in

What its all about?

Eating the right foods, at the right times, with the right things...


Don't eat processed foods
Don't eat carbs and fats together
Don't eat foods that cause you to crave

How does it work?

There are three phases to this diet.
Phase 1 is for 5 days, which is long enough for it to take effect and short enough to ensure you stick to it.
In this phase you can't eat any carbs, drink any milk or eat any fruit... Sounds awful? Not as bad as the Dukan diet though is it?

So my first meal of the day is Bacon and Eggs. (Eggs done without milk)
I am planning on having a tuna salad for lunch, and a chicken breast with vegetables for dinner.

I have decided to blog about this because I want to stick to this diet and I think blogging about my efforts will increase the likelihood of me succeeding!!

Wish me Luck!


(all info taken from the harcombe diet book as displayed at top of post)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Calfornia King Bed...


Blouse- Primark £8
Jeans - Topshop £38
Bracelet - Primark £2
Bag Primark - £6
Shoes - £8 Primark
2 x Necklaces - £2 each Dorothy Perkins

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bargain Madness!

I went shopping recently and in the sales I bought these beauties!

Flower earrings £2
Heart Necklace £3
Gold Necklace £2
Turquoise Necklace £2
Pendant Necklace £2
Gold ring £2

On my new jewellery holder that I got for my Birthday :)

The earrings broke when I got them out of the bag :( boo but nothing a bit of glue wont fix!

In total I added up £47 worth of jewellery for £13 (£11.70 with NUS)

:D Happy Days!

Outfit Posts with them on will be soon!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

WIWT: Floral Playsuit

I bought this half playsuit today from primark for £12

It looks really great either with the arms up or down, however I did find the arms to be very long at first
I was on a ten minute primark curfew by the boy who had had enough so didnt try it on in the shop. I think if I did i'd of got the next size up to give a bit more room but it fits ok..

I paired it with this necklace that I have had so long that I have forgotten where it comes from. Always get compliments about it though.
For my legs the shorts are short shorts, so I popped some black tights on with my trusty black shoe boots.

This is the back I criss crossed the arms over but you can have them anyway you like as they are removable..

The only thing that did annoy me was the zip!!
I can't get out of the damn thing!!!


Other than that 4*'s
Oh and I bought the mustard coloured vest top today too for £2


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nail Art

Gotta love a bit of nail art, unfortunatly these weren't done by myself but I am going to attempt some of my own when I have more time...
These were done by my friends cousin...

My friends Cath Kidston inspired floral toes

My other friends leopard print nails

My gorgeous daisy print nails!

I so can't wait to try these out for myself.

My daisy nails were impressive, and I managed to get away with them at work due to the barely there appearance!