Monday, 25 July 2011

The Harcombe Diet

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Stop counting calories and start losing weight!
Sounds good doesn't it?
So I think I will try it!

Vital Stats Day One
Height - 5ft 4  (163cm)
Weight - 9st 8lbs  (134lbs)
BMI - 23.0
Bust - 34in
Waist - 29in
Hips - 40in

What its all about?

Eating the right foods, at the right times, with the right things...


Don't eat processed foods
Don't eat carbs and fats together
Don't eat foods that cause you to crave

How does it work?

There are three phases to this diet.
Phase 1 is for 5 days, which is long enough for it to take effect and short enough to ensure you stick to it.
In this phase you can't eat any carbs, drink any milk or eat any fruit... Sounds awful? Not as bad as the Dukan diet though is it?

So my first meal of the day is Bacon and Eggs. (Eggs done without milk)
I am planning on having a tuna salad for lunch, and a chicken breast with vegetables for dinner.

I have decided to blog about this because I want to stick to this diet and I think blogging about my efforts will increase the likelihood of me succeeding!!

Wish me Luck!


(all info taken from the harcombe diet book as displayed at top of post)

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