Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Good News!

Hi guys just wanted to share with you my good news!

image from weheartit


I got the job I interviewed for last week...

I am now an Intensive Care Staff Nurse, and I can't wait to start!

It feels so good to say that!!!!

image from weheartit

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Clothes Swap - OOTD

Hi Guys,
EEE it seems like such a long time since I spoke to you! 
I must apologise for that, however I do have to excuse of extreme busy-ness! 
I will try and make up for it over the coming weeks!

I would like to start by saying Hello! to my new followers! *waves* thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you enjoy it! 

Todays post is in relation to something me and my friends do quite regularly, as we are all very similar in size when we have a good sort out of old clothes we send them to each others houses before taking them to the charity shop to see if we can recycle them that way!

I love doing this as it helps us get a new wardrobe for free, and to see different ways of wearing our old clothes, there has been many a time I've thought "bugger I shouldnt of got rid of that top!" because my friend has worn it in such a way that it looks amazing!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you my newest items from the clothes swap. 

 Grey cardi, long length, can't remember where its from, I hardly own any cardis like this so I snatched it up straight away.

Floral Top - Next

I loved this to when she bought it, and shes hardly ever worn it cause she doesnt like the neckline, I love it and have worn it loads since! 

I teamed it with my sand chinos from new look 

and my DIY Feather Ring

Do you guys do any clothes swaps?


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pearly Nails and First Guest Post

Hi Guys

I Just wanted to share with you my pearly nails that I 
created for my bfs brothers wedding! 

I won't go into detail here as I did these for a Guest Post over at 
Polished Criminails so go check it out here!

Thanks guys!!


Monday, 14 November 2011

WIW .... Coral Dress

Hi Guys,
Hope your all well... 
I've not been well which is why I have not blogged for a few days! 
I have had that awful tummy bug that has hit the headlines if your that interested you can read about it here
Anyway, prior to the little blighter getting me, I enjoyed a night out with my uni friends to celebrate the end of it!!
I wanted to share with you what I wore, cause I freaking love it!
Unfortuantly I didn't take any proper outfit pictures for you to view so heres a couple from my night out! excuse the odd face hahaha!

 This dress is from Miss Selfridge, and the belt came with it, it is a gorgeous colour and is all ruffled and pleated all the way down. It hangs a little lower at the back than the front, it is gorgeous, I adore it!

My hair was done by my friend, she did the front all curly and the back in a scalp plait.. 
This is the back..
I did my nails to match the colours on my outfit, The Barry M Peach Melba is the exact same shade as the dress, and the silver from w7 is so pigmented and glittery only one coat was needed! I just sponged the glitter onto the tips of my Peach Melba-ed nails!

There you have it, hope you like it as much as I did! I felt like a million dollars in it haha! Then the next day was spent not feeling like a million dollars due to the BUG!
ahh well its easing off now, think I'll be ok for my interview tommorrow!! eeek!!

Did you all have a lovely weekend?

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hi Guys
Just a quick one tonight
I firstly want to start off by letting you all know I have passed everything at uni now! and I am just awaiting my PIN number so I can start my career as a nurse!! WOOOP!

image from we heart it
 Secondly I'd like to show you my love for my YSL Lipstick, I got it as a gift for my Birthday from my Besties! I was so happy with it cause I can never justify spending loads of money on makeup and tend to get the cheapy versions.

giving YSL some love!

It is Rouge Volupte, now someone please tell me is this the make, or the colour?? Either way it is this intense pinky red colour, bloody lovely!

Couple of shots of my cheesy grin!! 

Finally I wanted to share with you a recent purchase

This little ear cuff/chain, I got it from ASOS in the sale, and I think its quite cute.. 
I am not a huge fan of the massif ones!! 

What do you guys think?
Do you like the ear cuff trend?


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I Heart Nail Art

Hi guys!
First things first, if you havent tried the foiling technique to get stubborn glitter polishes off your nails try it!
I was amazed!! After my Galaxy Nails Tutorial I did wonder how I'd get all those layers of polish and glitter off so I tried this technique i cant remeber where I heard it from so if anyone knows its origin please let me know!
Cut some cotton pads in half
Soak them in nail polish remover
Apply to nails
Cover Nails with Foil
Leave for ten mins or so and no joke when you take it off all your polish will be GONE!
its like magic

Secondly, I thought it was time for a bright and fun tutorial, I was inspired by this tutorial from Sam from The Nailasaurus who is doing her 31 day challenge, she got the idea from Jane from Nailside so if you wanna check there manis out just click here for Sam, and here for Jane.

I used my trusty models own polishes for this mani!

Here I used a base coat of lemon meringue and applied barry m Black onto the yellow to provide the base for the heart. I then used Models Own Pink Punch for the centre of the heart!

I decided I only wanted an accent nail with the hearts on, so to continue the colour scheme I used pink punch as a tip, with my Claires Black Nail Art Pen.

These were taken before clean up so I apologise for the messy fingers!!

Hope you like my mani!


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Monday, 7 November 2011

Galaxy Nails Step by Step Tutorial

Hi guys!
hope you are well? 
Follwing my OOTD post yesterday I previewed you all my Galaxy Nails!
As promised here is the step by step tutorial of how to do them!

- Get all your colours together, try and use spacey colours, like greys blacks blues silvers and a hint of orange
- Apply your base coat
- Use a dark base coat, I used Models Own Navy 
- Start sponging your other colours intop of the base coat trying to recreate a galaxy look.
- I tried to do a gradient effect on some of the nails, making them darker at the cuticle then lighter at the top.
- I used small glitter and big glitter for the stars

I have a photo tutorial here for you to try and show you how I did it, Unfortunatly its just a case of playing around and seeing what you come up with! the thing I love about this is how different you can get each nail, or each  mani! I can't stop looking at my pretty stars!

So onto the photo tutorial:

 L- R Top Row: 
-Base Coat of Barry M
- Base Colour Models Own Navy - 2x coats
- Sponged first layer on, Barry M Matte White 
- Second layer goes on, Barry M Colbat Blue
- Third Layer - a bit more Barry M Matte White to take the edge off the blue

L-R Bottom Row:
- Next I applied Barry M Grey to the bases of the nail (sponged on) to try and create the gradient
- Models Own Garnet is next! I stuck this to a small area quite central to the nail to make the middle of the galaxy!
- A few little stars sponged on, using w7's silver glitter polish
- A top up of Models Own Garnet - because I went overboard with the stars! 
- finally to finish - some bigger stars using Barry M's holographic glitter

**EDIT** the Models Own reddy polish I used is Scarlet not Garnet!
I am giving away Garnet n my GIVEAWAY >>>>> see sidebar!

There you have it. 
My galaxy nails!

I thought I'd also take this little  moment to show you my bargains that I got yesterday
3 Topshop rings for £6.50


:D aaahhhh i love bargains!

If you guys wanna try this tutorial i'd love to see your efforts! leave me a link in the comments and i'l check them out!


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Warm and Aztec!

What I Wore Today

Hi Guys! 
I haven't worn this Aztec Poncho for ages! 
So with the wintery weather approaching I decided to get it back out to play!

I bought it from Primark for about a tenner a few weeks ago, and I love it!
It just caught my eye, its not something I would normally pick but the pretty patterns drew me to it!

So today I teamed it with my old black dress that is ancient and from warehouse, and a pair of black leggings

I like how it has tassles on the bottom of it too,  I love tassles! 
I wasnt sure which way to wear it, or if mine had been manufactored slightly wrong as this way of wearing appears to be the correct way to show the pattern properly, however there is a seam all the way down the back and the tickets are visible, but I don't like wearing it the other way it doesnt feel right

The heart necklace is from dorothy perkins sale, for £2 and the armour ring is from Primark for £1

I also wore my galaxy nails! which I will do a tutorial for tommorow if you would like!!
The red lip stain is from the Sleek Pout Paint range, and is in shade pin up, 
see my first post about these paints here

Enjoy your Sunday ladies!


Friday, 4 November 2011

NOTD spotty nails!

Hi Guys!
Hope you are well!!
I just want to show you my NOTD that I wore for Katy Perry
I loved this look, I decided on it because I was going to wear my Violent Lips howevr being the most UNORGANISED person I know when it comes to travelling I forgot to pack scissors to cut them out!
I did ask my boyfriend to go down to reception of the hotel and ask, but he refused haha

So this mani is inspired by my spotty violent lips, I used Models Own "Navy" and Barry M "Matte white"
I also used a bobby pin for the dotting tool (who needs a dotting tool when you have hair grips!)
Here it is:
This was taken straight after doing it so no clean up had been done! apologies!

I love it! I couldn't stop staring at them! 
The fella said "how'd you get them so perfect" awww bless him! 
Hope you like! 
Whats your favourite Nail Mani?

P.S Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY which includes some Models Own Polishes!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

OOTD purple rain!

Hi Guys
I have recently noticed my blog has started to go onto more of a nail blog, which is fine, however not what I initially intended it to be. I wanted somewhere to blog my beauty and fashion related things, so here is an Outfit of the day for you guys!! 

I wore this on Sunday, and I loved wearing it! 
I felt so comfortable but still glamorous and it was perfect for just chilling out with the fella.

The lips are one of Kate Moss for Rimmels Lippies, I will post a review on this at another date
and I decided to fashion the rest of my outfit around the dark purple.
The little lack bow tie I made myself just by using some black ribbon and tying it in a bow around the collar

I must apologise for the bathroom pics, I think part of the reason I dont do as many OOTD posts is the lack of a blank wall in my house to take photos agaisnt, so this is the best I can do.

The purple snakeskin shirt is from Primark and cost a mere £8

The earrings are also another Primark special,
These were picked up for £1

The Jeans are highwaister, and from Topshop for £40 The fella bought me them for my birthday in June

Finally the shoes are Moccasan style, and are from Primark, they cost £6 I think
The fella doesnt like them, he says they look like slippers, I don't agree but I can say they are as comfy as slippers and look great with jeans (or pajamas!)

Hope you enjoyed my look
when I was wearing it all I kept singing was purple rain ( i dont even like that song)
hence the post title...

What have you guys been wearing this week??


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

TAG Childhood Memories

Evening Y'all!

After browsing some blogs tonight I came across thes

After reading theirs I had to do it myself!

Basically the rules are.
State the year you were born and your era and list 10 things you remember from the main bulk of your childhood.

I was born in June 1988, now being only the tender age of 1 and 2 in the 80's I can't remember much from that era, so I'm gonna bring you my fave things from the 90s!

 Spirograph: I was always into arty things when I was younger, and I loved this!
You could draw all sorts ofpretty patterns with it, it provided hours of entertainment for me and my best friend! 
Tamogotchi: I had one of these, a brown one, it was a cat. It kept on getting fat and then dying.. (even when I didn't feed it!) I don't think I'm very good at loooking after electronical pets! My friend had a white one, that you could change the animal and everything on it! proper flash!
Her frikkin fish stayed alive alot longer than that fat cat!

Oh what young girl in the 90's wasn't jelous of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
These two were my idols of my childhood! I wanted to be like Mary-Kate
I used to watch this everyday after school! It was awesome

I had every single Puppy in my pocket you could probably have!
I remember when I got my first one, my Mums was a dinner lady in my school and she bought me it before she started her shift! It was a white pekinese called Harry.. (d'awwww)

BN BN do do do do do! BN BN do do do do!
thats all really about those lovely scrummy biscuits!
You gotta know the theme tune!

Furbies: My friend had one, I didn't - I hated it! it reminded me of gremlins, which freaked me out so much! This is exactly like the one she had, and guess what she named it!
Yes Gizmo... 

You must of had these! these yummy little balls of prawny flavoured air!!!
Gorgeous! If anyone know where any are sold now (or tangy toms for that matter) let me know!

POGS!: how cool were these! I had loads of them, and you used to play agaisnt each other in the playground, I had them tubes that they were kept in! but you know how it is.. there was always someone with more!

Polly in my Pocket: This little lass kept me entertained more so than barbie..
She was tiny, compact and came with lots of different shaped houses!
whats not to like!!

Finally, Push Pops: These used to get so sticky that when you pushed them up your finger was all gooey and gross! However, they tasted yummy!

Do you remeber any of these things?

Let me know if you do a TAG post!!!


(allimages from googleimages)