Monday, 7 November 2011

Galaxy Nails Step by Step Tutorial

Hi guys!
hope you are well? 
Follwing my OOTD post yesterday I previewed you all my Galaxy Nails!
As promised here is the step by step tutorial of how to do them!

- Get all your colours together, try and use spacey colours, like greys blacks blues silvers and a hint of orange
- Apply your base coat
- Use a dark base coat, I used Models Own Navy 
- Start sponging your other colours intop of the base coat trying to recreate a galaxy look.
- I tried to do a gradient effect on some of the nails, making them darker at the cuticle then lighter at the top.
- I used small glitter and big glitter for the stars

I have a photo tutorial here for you to try and show you how I did it, Unfortunatly its just a case of playing around and seeing what you come up with! the thing I love about this is how different you can get each nail, or each  mani! I can't stop looking at my pretty stars!

So onto the photo tutorial:

 L- R Top Row: 
-Base Coat of Barry M
- Base Colour Models Own Navy - 2x coats
- Sponged first layer on, Barry M Matte White 
- Second layer goes on, Barry M Colbat Blue
- Third Layer - a bit more Barry M Matte White to take the edge off the blue

L-R Bottom Row:
- Next I applied Barry M Grey to the bases of the nail (sponged on) to try and create the gradient
- Models Own Garnet is next! I stuck this to a small area quite central to the nail to make the middle of the galaxy!
- A few little stars sponged on, using w7's silver glitter polish
- A top up of Models Own Garnet - because I went overboard with the stars! 
- finally to finish - some bigger stars using Barry M's holographic glitter

**EDIT** the Models Own reddy polish I used is Scarlet not Garnet!
I am giving away Garnet n my GIVEAWAY >>>>> see sidebar!

There you have it. 
My galaxy nails!

I thought I'd also take this little  moment to show you my bargains that I got yesterday
3 Topshop rings for £6.50


:D aaahhhh i love bargains!

If you guys wanna try this tutorial i'd love to see your efforts! leave me a link in the comments and i'l check them out!



  1. Now I have to go buy myself some big sparkles & some more colors! lol & i love the rings! :DD

  2. looks so different the the norm, i like it

  3. yea i agree chick, it doesnt look much like the other galaxy nails, and when I asked my mum what she thought it was she said "rust" haha thanks mum!!

  4. Love this! so going to try it :)

    Love, Vanilla

  5. These look amazing! Soooo much better than my attempt! xx

  6. nice job on the galaxy nails! i still need to get around to doing my own version of them haha

  7. They turned out great :)
    I like the glitter you have added
    Cute rings too, I like the leaf one :)

  8. I love the extra sparkle you've added, looks really nice! x

  9. Thats so cool... what a great idea.. i love it :) Im a new follower x


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