Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I Heart Nail Art

Hi guys!
First things first, if you havent tried the foiling technique to get stubborn glitter polishes off your nails try it!
I was amazed!! After my Galaxy Nails Tutorial I did wonder how I'd get all those layers of polish and glitter off so I tried this technique i cant remeber where I heard it from so if anyone knows its origin please let me know!
Cut some cotton pads in half
Soak them in nail polish remover
Apply to nails
Cover Nails with Foil
Leave for ten mins or so and no joke when you take it off all your polish will be GONE!
its like magic

Secondly, I thought it was time for a bright and fun tutorial, I was inspired by this tutorial from Sam from The Nailasaurus who is doing her 31 day challenge, she got the idea from Jane from Nailside so if you wanna check there manis out just click here for Sam, and here for Jane.

I used my trusty models own polishes for this mani!

Here I used a base coat of lemon meringue and applied barry m Black onto the yellow to provide the base for the heart. I then used Models Own Pink Punch for the centre of the heart!

I decided I only wanted an accent nail with the hearts on, so to continue the colour scheme I used pink punch as a tip, with my Claires Black Nail Art Pen.

These were taken before clean up so I apologise for the messy fingers!!

Hope you like my mani!


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  1. How cute are those hearts!! SO adorable :) Thanks for sharing the foil trick too! it will come in handy :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. I love the bright colors you used! And the funky French tips too ^^ Thank you for the heads-up on my blog, I love seeing what other people make using my tutorials :)

  3. oh those hearts are too cute!

  4. Simply amazing! I will do same soon, using your tutorial/choice of products.

    By the way, I am hosting an amazing giveaway, feel free to pop in and see if you are interested. xo


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