Tuesday, 1 November 2011

TAG Childhood Memories

Evening Y'all!

After browsing some blogs tonight I came across thes

After reading theirs I had to do it myself!

Basically the rules are.
State the year you were born and your era and list 10 things you remember from the main bulk of your childhood.

I was born in June 1988, now being only the tender age of 1 and 2 in the 80's I can't remember much from that era, so I'm gonna bring you my fave things from the 90s!

 Spirograph: I was always into arty things when I was younger, and I loved this!
You could draw all sorts ofpretty patterns with it, it provided hours of entertainment for me and my best friend! 
Tamogotchi: I had one of these, a brown one, it was a cat. It kept on getting fat and then dying.. (even when I didn't feed it!) I don't think I'm very good at loooking after electronical pets! My friend had a white one, that you could change the animal and everything on it! proper flash!
Her frikkin fish stayed alive alot longer than that fat cat!

Oh what young girl in the 90's wasn't jelous of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
These two were my idols of my childhood! I wanted to be like Mary-Kate
I used to watch this everyday after school! It was awesome

I had every single Puppy in my pocket you could probably have!
I remember when I got my first one, my Mums was a dinner lady in my school and she bought me it before she started her shift! It was a white pekinese called Harry.. (d'awwww)

BN BN do do do do do! BN BN do do do do!
thats all really about those lovely scrummy biscuits!
You gotta know the theme tune!

Furbies: My friend had one, I didn't - I hated it! it reminded me of gremlins, which freaked me out so much! This is exactly like the one she had, and guess what she named it!
Yes Gizmo... 

You must of had these! these yummy little balls of prawny flavoured air!!!
Gorgeous! If anyone know where any are sold now (or tangy toms for that matter) let me know!

POGS!: how cool were these! I had loads of them, and you used to play agaisnt each other in the playground, I had them tubes that they were kept in! but you know how it is.. there was always someone with more!

Polly in my Pocket: This little lass kept me entertained more so than barbie..
She was tiny, compact and came with lots of different shaped houses!
whats not to like!!

Finally, Push Pops: These used to get so sticky that when you pushed them up your finger was all gooey and gross! However, they tasted yummy!

Do you remeber any of these things?

Let me know if you do a TAG post!!!


(allimages from googleimages)


  1. Ahhh I remember all of those too!!!!! :D This makes me smile! My Tamagotchi died as well! :( I reckon there was a problem with the cats. Haha...
    I also loved polly pocket and puppy, kitten and pony in my pocket!!! :D xxx

  2. aaah! I had tamagotchi didn't die that quick! haha! loved all of those things!
    love Poppy xx

  3. I forgot a lot about of these products! Although about the time I was old enough to play with them they were probably fading out of popularity. I was born in 92'.lol

  4. Oh my gosh, this brought back so many memories for me, thankyou for posting all of these! I used to love those petrified prawns, they had such strong flavours, they probably got banned for being so genetically modified, haha. Also pogs, which I had millions of, and my tamagotchi (mine was some sort of creature, not a cat or a dog!) And BN BN, doo doo doo... love it!

  5. OMG memories haha! I remember them all apart from the Petrified Praws, I've never heard of those? I had that actual Polly Pocket when I was little too, I loved it! x

  6. Omg i remember every single one of these!! i remember i got a furby once for Christmas and i was coming downstairs with my presents and i fell down the stairs with my New furby,at the bottom all i cared about was weather id broken the furby or not lol xx

  7. The prawn crisps used to always be my fav! I remember most of these things apart from the first. What a lovely post. Made me hungry now xx

  8. I will be doing one :) 1990! Great era xxx

  9. omg tamagotchis!!! i used to have a pink koala, but it kept getting sick and it died all the time even though i gave it medicine :< ahhaha i remember push pops too! they were good but i hated getting my fingers all sticky when they got gross lollll


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