Wednesday, 2 November 2011

OOTD purple rain!

Hi Guys
I have recently noticed my blog has started to go onto more of a nail blog, which is fine, however not what I initially intended it to be. I wanted somewhere to blog my beauty and fashion related things, so here is an Outfit of the day for you guys!! 

I wore this on Sunday, and I loved wearing it! 
I felt so comfortable but still glamorous and it was perfect for just chilling out with the fella.

The lips are one of Kate Moss for Rimmels Lippies, I will post a review on this at another date
and I decided to fashion the rest of my outfit around the dark purple.
The little lack bow tie I made myself just by using some black ribbon and tying it in a bow around the collar

I must apologise for the bathroom pics, I think part of the reason I dont do as many OOTD posts is the lack of a blank wall in my house to take photos agaisnt, so this is the best I can do.

The purple snakeskin shirt is from Primark and cost a mere £8

The earrings are also another Primark special,
These were picked up for £1

The Jeans are highwaister, and from Topshop for £40 The fella bought me them for my birthday in June

Finally the shoes are Moccasan style, and are from Primark, they cost £6 I think
The fella doesnt like them, he says they look like slippers, I don't agree but I can say they are as comfy as slippers and look great with jeans (or pajamas!)

Hope you enjoyed my look
when I was wearing it all I kept singing was purple rain ( i dont even like that song)
hence the post title...

What have you guys been wearing this week??



  1. lovely lipstick

  2. That shirt is such a bargain :) and I love that you've put a little bow around it, really sets it off!

    Goes so well with the lippie too. Gorgeous! xx

  3. love the lipstick! Don't worry, my blog hasn't ended up the way I planned it to be! Also really like your blog header :) xx

  4. Really cute outfit - love the bow tie & the shoes :) x


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