Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ciate and Stripes!

Using my Marie Clare Ciate Polish in shade My Fair Lady, and combining this with my new Claire's Accessories Nail Art Pen, I decided to get creative!!
I've been wanting a nail art pen for a while now, and I thought a good start colour would be a black one!

At first I was confused (yes it doesn't take a lot) at how to get into the actual "pen" bit. However after googling (how do I open my Claires Nail Art Pen?) I was in!! and got cracking!!

I recently purchased a midi length stripey dress from Primark, for a good old £11 but silly me didn't take a full photo of it! I will outfit post it soon though! 

This was the inspiration for my first attempt at "proper" nail art :D

What d'ya think??

 The actual pen was very easy to use, I used the long thin brush bit to make this pattern, and just applied it with my (not so) very steady hand! 
The base coat of the Ciate was the perfect colour match to my dress, however it did need three coats on before a fully opaque. Which is slightly more than I would usually put on but it looked effective and unlike the Barry M Nail Paints, it doesn't go clumpy or bumpy when a few liberal coats are applied!
It gets top marks in my book!!



  1. Wow! I absolutely love the stripes design! I have never tried Ciate nail polishes and I am looking foraward to it!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  2. Thank you Catanya!!
    Get the latest copy of marie claire and you will get a free ciate polish!

  3. Wow, love these <3.

    Sadie x


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