Friday, 2 September 2011

DIY Pattern Shorts

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to show you my most recent DIY, its the most simple DIY anyone can ever do and I suggest you try it, if like me you have a pair of trousers you KNOW you'll never wear again.

These are the trousers... I bought them from H&M in the sale a while back.
I just decided I don't really suit trousers of this style and shape. This is the only day I have ever worn them so this morning I decided it was time for the chop!

This is the result 

It was very simple, all I did was put the trousers on, mark where I wanted the shorts to be, I added a cm or two just to be safe, you can always cut extra off but not add extra on. 
Then I removed the trousers and cut. 
I then turned the hem up twice and hand stitched them so they would stay. 
You could turn the hem the other way if you prefer to make a neater edge. 
Its up to you! Give it a go!

I will post a proper outfit post with them very soon!


  1. love those colors!

  2. They look so great! Well done you!!! :) God, I have so many I'll-never-wear-these-again clothes... ;)

    Thanks for the lovely comment! X

  3. Super adorable, escpecially on you! I'm quite enjoying your blog :)

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  4. Nice DIY! The colours are really nice :)


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