Monday, 19 September 2011

I've been shopping!

Hi Guys, 
Sorry for neglecting my blog lately, I have just started placement again and trying to get a routine sorted is a nightmare! So while I'm off today I thought I'd give my blog a little loving!
I went shopping today! and what a bargain hunter I was! 
To celebrate my 8lbs weight loss!! I wore my body con skirt which I haven't wore for ages.I will do an outfit post on it tommorow, because today I wanted to show you my goodies!
I went into boots firstly because my friend bought me a £10 voucher for there for my birthday. I wanted something a little special, something that I wouldn't usually buy myself. So when I spotted the new gift range in I had a goosey over there.
I picked up almost everyone, and some of the front cover ones are to rave about! Anyway, I picked up a 17 eye make up pallette. 
This is what it looks like on the outside, it is a very sleek design, and looks like a lovely little gift. 
Inside it has ten eyeshadows, the set was £10 so at £1 a eyeshadow its a bargain!

Inside it has two sections the left side is full of lighter shade for a "day look" and the right hand side more pigmented shades for a "night look". The pallette comes with a big mirror and two eyeshadow wands/brushes. 

Swatches:(done on my hairy arm, I do apologise!)

This is the Day Look set, L-R Light Pink, Pink, Orange, Limited edition Green, Medium Purple
These colours are lovely and shimmery, and they glide on well. To get this intensity of colour I did have to use a few layers, but I think that can be an advantage, especially if the look you are after is a subtle day time look.

This is the night time look, and this side isa bit more pigmented.
L-R Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Limitied Edition Bronze, Grey
These are again shimmery with the exception of dark blue and dark purple. 
Light blue is still a very light colour but I think it would work wonderfully with the grey or the dark blue.

Overall I am pleased with this pallette, and can't wait to try out some looks!

If you spend over £5 in boots you get a £5 off NO7 voucher, so I couldnt resist when I got mine to purchase the NO7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion. It is an amazing fake tan that retails at £12. I Love it but only buy myself it as a treat ocassionally!

Next stop was my local Boyes Store, if you've never heard of it, it is just a store that sells cheap things, from socks, to notebook, to garden trowels, to fabric.
Anyway so I got a few essentials and some bargains in there too! 
I got 

Radox bath bubbles! mmmmm £1
Soft & Gentle Deo - £1
Cucumber Mud Mask - 70p
I also bought a silver nail art pen but forgot to take a photo of it! duh! for £1

I then got these eyelashes for £1.99

and these nails for £1.89
I have bitten mine off :( waaaaaaaaaaaah! So for my night out at the weekend I am going to pop these on and do some nail art over these! I will grow mine again!

and to finish off my bargainous day, 
4 books from the charity shop for £4.96


happy days!




  1. love the palette colors!

  2. Love the 17 pallette and the false nails
    Nice shopping :D

  3. Great post i love the eye make up and book choices :) I will be following you blog from now :)


  4. Wow, that eyeshadow palette looks amazing! Great find!! :)

    We're now following. Come visit our blog when you get a chance...follow back & drop us a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. I love everything thing!lol I love to pamper myself. :) &I am obsessed with eyeshadow! Oh, and the books are amazing too!


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