Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Witty Humor Birthday/Anniversary/General Cards

I am totally loving the uncooked card range, heres just a few examples of the funny, witty, and darn right insulting slogans they have on their cards.

"its our anniversary, and I'm so happy i'm not bored or tired of you. i thought for sure by now I would be"

"the second we heard you were getting married we leapy for joy and cried tears of happiness. just kidding we're not losers"

"everyday i fall in love with you more and more. well not everyday, yesterday you were pretty annoying"

"i love the fact we don;t let things like the fact i'm prettier or funnier than you get in the way of our friendship"

"sometimes i wonder if your birthday really is when you say it is or if you're lying, like you do about your weight"

These can be bought from for a very resonable £2.50 with a very generous 10% off orders over £10

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