Friday, 24 June 2011


I think I am obsessed!
I have a total of 18 barry m nail polishes in all sorts of colours!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

300 - Acid Yellow
47 - Black
273 - Raspberry
303 - Bright Purple
293 - Grey
291 - Cobalt Blue
296 - Coral
279 - Bright Pink
308 - Berry Ice Cream
309 - Pale Pink
318 - Peach Melba
306 - Blueberry Ice Cream
66 - Matt White
316 - Nail Effects White
134 - Yellow
244 - Hologram Hexograms
297 - Blue Glitter
54 - Clear

So I was sat contemplating which one to wear, and picked the acid yellow..

Here it is!

I've had this one for ages and to be honest I aren't really keen!
I put some of the hologram on my ring fingers...

Which looked better than I thought..
I had to apply 3 coats of the Acid Yellow to get any sort of pigment, not impressed with that colour at all! I usually have no issues with Barry M polishes, as you can tell!

Anyway after not touching anything for ages, and eating my tea, and everythin else, I washed up!
When I took my hands out of the water, my nail polish had all but dissapeared! it was crinkly and horrible, (i did take a photo but it looked so gross I didn't want to put it on here!)

So my question is... after you've had polish for a while does it turn minging? It wasn't gloopy or anythin suspicious like that when I put it on my nails, it just decided it preferred the washing up water than my nails!

Has anyone else had any experience with this!?


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