Saturday, 31 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Presents - Day 3 - Lee Stafford

Afternoon lovelies, hope you are all ok and are going to enjoy whatever it is you will be doing this last evening of 2011

For my third day of christmas I received "Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment" It states it is for "Hair that Never gets past a certain length.

Now unfortunatly for this review I don't have any before and after shots, which I was hoping to do way back when I first used this product. However I couldn't find the best angle to try and show you the length of my hair, and then I didn't think it was a fair test if I went to get my hair trimmed (which I did by the way) so you'll just have to beleive me on this one, sorry no proof!

The First time I bought this product was the beginning of the year when Lee Stafford Products were on offer at 2 for £8. I thought this a bargain cause this product retails at about £7 ish. I hae always wanted longer hair since getting mnine chopped off a few years ago, and now it just wont get past a certain length.. I thought this product was bloody made for me!! Also the cute pink packaging and the little dog on the front sold it to me too!

Anyway when I saw this product on offer for 3 for £12! I told my lovely mum and she bought me some for my christmas present. As you can see the packaging is rather lovely, and it is a generous amount. The conditoner is a thick gorgeously smelling product, and it comes in a little round tub. I am not sure which I prefer, tubs or squeezy tubes. At least with tubs you know you can scrape every last millicule out of the pot!

The label on the side of the tub explains how it works. It states that it improves follicle health to increase the ability of the hair anchoring to the scalp (reducing in less falling out) Improves tensile (whatever that is) strength to give body and texture by penetrating the inner hair cortex. Which I am summising means it helps the overall strength of the body of the hair resulting in less breakages, which in turn results in your hair being able to grow longer... So in actual fact it doesn't MAKE your hair grow longer, it just prevents it from breaking so it has the CHANCE to grow longer itself.. Geddit? p.s correct me if I'm wrong.

It states you should use the product every wash until your hair starts to improve then use once a week. Anyways after a month or two of using this product every wash I certaintly noticed a difference in my overall hair strength, condition and length. It feels silky soft and smooth smells gorgeous and looks noticeably longer. This product is amazing I want to bath in it haha! I love it. I would definatly reccomend this product to anyone with split dull, dry hair who wants it to feel full and vibrant and full of life. If you don't notice growth results initially don't be disheartned, persist and you will eventually, I know that sounds as if i'm just telling you to wait til your hair naturally grows but as with mine it actually got past the length it gets stuck at and stayed looking healthy!! Anyway enough of my rambling I am just loosing you with words haha.. Get this product NOW.

Overall rating 5/5!!


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