Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Violent Lips Review

Hi Guys, 
Hope you all had a lovely christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!?
Not had a browse through peoples posts since christmas, so I am looking forward to catching up on what you've been getting up to. I am going to start a new feature tommorow to get me back into the swing of reviewing. 
I'l be starting my 12 presents of Christmas tommorrow, involving showing you, and briefly reviewing 12 of my beauty related christmas presents each day for 12 days. I'm looking forward to doing this!
However for todays post I will give you my review on Violent Lips.
You may remember me a few months ago blabbing on how I got these for my birthday and wanted to wear them for Katy Perry and how I forgot to take scissors so couldnt wear them and had to paint my nails spotty instead! Yea Blah Blah Blah..At the start of the month my mission was to actually wear them at some point so I did...

image from weheartit

Firstly I'd like to show you the packaging

I'm quite impressed with the packaging, It is eye catching and striking. 

Inside the packet is 3 applications of lips.

Each application has these markings on the back

These are to help you find the shape of your lips. I Watched the Tutorials previous to applying these but not on the same day. No matter how much you have watched the tutorials watch them again! They come in handy.  You can find them at the Violent Lips website.

When I applied my lips I overlapped onto the WaterLine, which I think resulted in the many problems I encountered with them! I am trying them out again soon so I will update you following my second attempt, I am only assuming it gets easier with practice as the girls on the tutorial are experts! 

Here they are on my lips

without flash

with flash

So Pros and Cons


- They look AMAZING! 
- The Packaging is eye catching and noticeable
- They are reasonably priced for the uniqueness of the product for UK bloggers you can now get them in boots for £7.99
- They have loads of different colours and patterns and textures
- The instructions in the pack are useful as are the online tutorial videos
- You get 3 x applications in the pack
- You can eat and drink (I tried)


-They are a fiddly nightmare to get on, if you have no patience you will be shouting at the mirror
- I found when you did the "ah" shape and applied them, this meant they were perfect when you smiled but a bit crinkly when you didn't
- They feel awful, like you have constant dry lips, they are tight and uncomfortable but pain for pleasure so they say
- Where I overlapped mine onto my waterline it obviously didn't stick, but I couldnt pull the flappy bits off because the whole lip would come off so I had flappy lips which felt minging

I'm not going to leave it at that however because i suspect some of them cons can be rectified when they are applied properly. So I'll give them another bash and let you know!

Anyone tried Violent Lips? 
Would you now?


P.S I recieved my giveaway prize from Ulrika! Isnt it adorable!


  1. love your nails!!
    great review

  2. They look amazing!
    Thanks for your comment :) Jaz xo


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