Thursday, 29 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Presents - Day 1

Hi Guys
Welcome to my first installment of 12 Days of Christmas Presents
This is not about me showing off my presents it is about me wanting to try out these new products and let you know if they are good or not. I know elsewhere others do not like present haul posts etc, and that is not what this is about... Now I've said that bit, lets get onto the good stuff

My First Present I'd like to share with you guys is the Andrea Fullerton Layering Polish

Now you cant tell the actual brightness of the pinky colour on this picture and it looks more orange, but trust me it is a very similar shade to Models Own - Pink Punch.

I had my glittery snowflake nails on prior to trying this out, and the glitter red had stained my acrylics red so I used a base coat of white - Sally Hansens Hard as Wraps.

The Andrea Fullerton has tgwo colours, and it says the you can mix them together (i.e paint one over the top of the other) to create a new colour. Now I was very excited to try this out when I first seen it in the shops, as I was intrigued by what colour it would make! 
Here are the two colours, it says to apply the darker colour first for a better effect, but to be fair which is the darkest?? I applied them like this to see if i could spot the difference in colour when I painted over the top.

That is it... whats that I hear you say? It looks no different!?

Well the thumb was pink, I painted the purple over it, and what did I get? ...... Purple... To say I was dissapointed is an understatement! I didnt even bother doing the other nails.. My first finger as you can see was purple, then after applying the pink it did go a nice darker red shade, but again dissapointed, it is something which can be done with your own polish you have already. 

If I was to do it again I'd paint them all purple then apply the pink over to create that deep red but I think I have a polish similar to that already - Barry M's Raspberry. However the two colours used alone are rather lovely, so all is not bad! But don't buy this if you are expecting magic colours to appear, cause it doesn't...

Overall rating 3/5

Have you ever tried this?



  1. such pretty color combo

  2. I was looking at those Fullerton polishes the other day in superdrug - they look so cool! I don't see a massive colour change but the colours are pretty :) xox

  3. thankyou very much, im sure you'll find a lot of shops will still have sales going on though! xxx


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