Friday, 23 December 2011


Hi Guys, 
Firstly I'd like to begin by saying how sorry I am for being away so long!! I have missed blogging and catching up on what everyone has been doing, but unfortunatly as it sometimes does, life has gotten busy! 

However I am now back on form and back with a lovely lovely stamped nail design for christmas!
This design was done for me by my friend, she is doing nail art parties to make a bit of extra cash for a laptop she is after. So being the good samaritan I am I helped her out and she did some Christmas nail designs on me today!

I am intriged by stamping kits and as I am getting a bundle monster kit for christmas off santa claus I was interested to see if there was a technique.. 
Anyway here is the finished article! I hope you like 

These nails are beautiful I love them! They are really getting me in the festive spirit! I cant wait to try out my bundle monster stamps when they come down my chimney hohoho...

For anyone interested the Colours used here were Models Own Scarlet Sparkle, and Konads White Stamping Polish
The plate used was Konad M59

Happy Festivites my lovelies I am going very last minute shopping tommorow, hope its not too busy..

Have a very Merry Christmas, love to you all



  1. Your nails looks great! Love the snowflake design :) I hope you have a great Christmas! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. those nails of yours are absolutely gorgeous!x

  3. So pretty!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. i love them!xoxo


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