Friday, 30 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Presents - Day 2 - Benefit

Evening Guys,
Welcome to my 2nd Day of Christmas Presents, Featuring Benefit Cosmetics

I received the "I am Glam therefore I am" mini set for Christmas form my lovely mum. I think a squeal escaped from me when I opened it along with "Powda Wowza" which will be reviewed another day. 

How cute is the packaging?? I love the bright colours and the design on the front.. The top bit is a sleeve which covers the main body of the product.. 
L- Sleeve, R- Box
 As you can see the image is still the same but the protextive sleeve means less damage can occur to the pretty little box it all comes in!

 Inside is a rather large mirror for on the go touch ups, and an "I'm glam therefore I am" Make up lesson. 

Make up Lesson
 This make up lesson idea is fabulous, a few pricuts I've seen have this in them, such as Front Cover and YSL, which shows you how to use their products. For me as I have not tried many benefit products this was perfect as I had an idea how to use them to their full potential. Particularly "Girl Meets Pearl" as I am a total novice when it comes to stuff like that!

So Inside we have a small75ml tube of "Girl Meets Pearl" na much sought aftr benefit beauty product. There also features 4 eyeshadows in shades (L-R) Pink Fancy, Icy Lilac, Posh Amethyst and Precious Pewter. These eyeshadows are bloody lovely, but I will discuss them in a bit. They include a little eyeshadow brush too so you aren't caught short! The blusher/bronzer you can see is just entitled "Glamming Face Powder" It also has its own brush. There is a small tube of Bad gal mascara which I have heard great reviews about, and a mini lipgloss.

Firstly let me start of by showing you the Glamming Face Powder. It is an intresting combo, and when comparing it with the other benefit blushers it is a similar mix betwee "Coralista" and "Bella Bamba" In the Swatch I had to spply loads so you could actually see it, I wouldnt put it that dark on my face! But as you can (kinda) see it has shimmery bits in it which makes your skin glow. I love shimmery things but I have noticed if you go overboard with it sometimes it can make your face appear more "dirty" than "glowing". Anyway just a slight subtle bit of this really enhances my complexion. As it is so small I think I will reserve this for night tie going out etc and use my "powda wowza" for general everyday use. 

Next Up is the lovely eyeshadows, as previously stated the colours are (L-R) Pink Fancy, Icy Lilac, Posh Amethyst and Precious Pewter, Now I dont think my camera has done these colours justice. They look amazing on the eye. I will have to do a FOTD with all this lot I think, so keep posted for that. All 4 colours work really well together and an amazing smoky eye look can be created, I think I will use these tommorow for NYE so I might do a FOTD for that. They have shimmery bits in and the light realy reflects, they also have fantastic staying power, and hardly smudged at all throughout the day. The shadow brush that comes with it is handy it has a larger end for blending and a smaller end for precision work however if you have your own brushes this little one will probably only come in handy for top ups through the night (not that you'll need it) as this little kit is small enough to fit in a medium sized handbag.

Next up is Girl Meets Pearl - This is known as a liquid pearl for the face, It is a highlighter which is meant to leave your skin looking "dewy". Well I am not a fan of highlighters but this one intrigued me with all the hype over it. So using the "make up lesson" info I applied it to my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose. Don't... well not the nose anyway, it made me look like I was rudolph the red nose reindeer, (i have a reasonable sized nose anyway and it just made it stand out more) but the cheek bones looks fabulous! I read a review where one girl used it in the inner corners of her eyes and I quite like this idea so that will be getting road tested tommorow! The actual cream itself glides on easily and only a tiny tiny amount is required or else it just gets everywhere! Even the size in the picture is probably too much for just your cheek bones. It is a must for any highlighter fan but for someone who isnt a fan I wouldnt buy it just because of the expense of the product.

The last swatch I have for you is the lipgloss, I love this on the lips, the colour is amazing, it looks so natural and it would suit any skin tone. The only problem I have with it is it sooo sticky! I have been wearing sleek pout paints for a while now, and I am used to the non stickyness of them, this just got on my nerves and all my hair was stuck in it! Use this when your hair is tied up, but not when its down! 

Finally one I didnt get a swatch of but should of, is the bad gal mascara! I will show you it on my FOTD. a word to describe this is WOW! I love it its amazing it makes my eyelashes look fuller thicker and longer. I have quite long lashes anyway but this makes them stand out much much more. The brush is thick with lots of fine bristles all bunched together, and when applied you can really tell the difference. No falsies needed here ladies!! Would reccomend this product and would buy it again.

Overall the little pallette is brilliant and I am so glad I got it as a present. It has given me the opportunity to try out some benefit products I would not have bought usually because of the price. 

Overall rating




  1. oh lovely palette

  2. Benefit always come up with such cute gift ideas.


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