Monday, 2 January 2012

12 Days of Christmas Presents - Day 4 - Lush

Hi Guys,
New Year it is! its my bloggerversary in March and I just know it will come round so fast I am hoping to do a little giveaway for then so keep posted!  Hope you all had a good new year? I know I did! I will do a NYE nail post soon! Onto Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas Presents, and we have LUSH products! woop!! who doesn't love lush? MY lovely lovely boyfriend bought me a box full, he picked them all out himself and presented them in a lovely glittery purple box himself cause he said he got more for his money that way.. hehe.. anyway

This is the lovely box it all came in, Sorry about the rubbish picture!! When I opened it, it smelt bloody lovely

The First Product is this Bubble Bar - Its called French Kiss bubble bar, It did have more on the top of it when it came but I broke some off to use before I reviewed it! Its gorgeous and smells divine. It is very soft and easy to break. I broke mine over the bath so I didn't loose any on the floor. You don't need a great deal to make enough bubbles for your bath, you just crumble it under the running water, and then I "rough" the water up with my hand after to get the bubbles flowing. The bathroom smelt lovely when using this I cant describe what it smells like other than what lush smells like when you walk by the shop. The only problem I did encounter was the bubbles didn't hang around long enough for me. But I do like a good long soak!

The next product is this bath bomb, entitled "Think Pink" I haven't used it yet and I am curious to see what happens with the flowers, but it smells beautiful. I can;t really review this product for what it actually does so just admire my little pink flowery bath bomb :) 

Again I haven't used this yet! Sorry I know I should be reviewing these for you but I really dont want to use them! haha They look so lovely. This bath bomb is called "Tisty Tosty" for some reason, and it has real petals embedded into it. I am looking forward to using this one the most.

I got another bubblegum lip scrub! I have a nearly full one already it featured on my used and abused#1 post at the start of december, but luckily it can be used right up until 2013 so no fear here haha. This is a lovely little lip scrub which has a strong sickly sweet candy smell to it. It is basically just sugar with bubblegum pink flavouring in it. It works really well and your lips are left feeling soft and smooth all day, but I just forget to use it. I need it next to my toothbrush I think...

 Next up is "Fresh Farmacy" Cleansing bar. This was named after a competition was ran to see who could think of a name for the actual lush brand, "Fresh Farmacy" was a good entry that never got used (obviously) so they named a product it. This bar is gorgeous. It is a thick substance and it reminds me of a block of clay. It is used to treat acne according to lushes website. You can use it in two ways. Either rub it on your face as it is, the bar has exfoliating beads in it, so it makes an excellent face scrub. Or you can wet your face and the soap and lather it up in your hands, then rub the foam onto your face. After using this bar my skin feels lovely and clean and refreshed, however it is quite drying and I have noticed a few dry spots on my face after using, which my everyday moisturisers doesnt seem to get rid of. However my mums no7 night cream does, so I think you could get away with it if you have a really good moisturiser after use. If you have extra dry skin I wouldn't reccomend this product tho, it would dry out your skin too much.

And finally, last but by no means least is "whoosh" shower jelly. Again this is a gorgeous smelling product which has a citrusey smell to it. Very cleansing and refeshing and really does wake you up. In fact I am going to shower with it very soon as I still feel knackered from the partying! A little bit goes a long way, the thing however that I do find with this type of product is it doesnt lather very well. and I keep dropping the bugger in the shower and then I have to do a quick rescue mission to stop it going down the plug hole. It says you can freeze it so I might try that and see if it makes a difference to the handling of it! But I reckon it'll be bloody cold to use haha.. 

Anyone else tried and tested these products?



  1. I can't stop seeing Lush products everywhere and yet I still havn't jumped on the bandwagon, I better hurry up!

  2. Wow thats soo nice :)
    I did a similar thing for my mom.
    I love Lush products they all smell so great.
    I might have to try that soap bar, as I had a post christmas break out after all the choccys :\ xxx


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