Thursday, 24 March 2011

Colour B4

So... I used Colour B4 last night on my hair..
and it really works! I am so amazed by it!
Here is my hair process in pictures over the last year!

Firstly, this is me with my natural colour hair, with some blonde highlights in it, this was taken in June 2010

Next, this is me when I decided to go brown, I used Clairol Nice and Easy in Medium Brown, excuse the boyfriend haha!

This next one is me when i dyed my hair red, with Loreal Mahogany, and some red highlights from the hairdresser (this was 2 weeks ago)

This next one is halfway through the Colour B4 process, looking good in my clingfilm hat!

Finally, Result! It looks dark blonde-light brown with some orangey tones in it, So i have bought Clairol nice and easy non-permanany medium ash blonde to try and neutralise it. Going to put that on tonight, and see what happens!

Overall I am happy with it! Can't beleive how much colour it removed. Would so recommend! It is quite easy to use, if a little runny, and it does stink!! The intructions that come with it are simple to follow, and you get loads of the stuff! A* from me!

Charlie xx


  1. Hey. Fantastic, you got round to using it. The colour looks great! im glad it worked for you :-) xox

  2. I love your Mahogany hair! very pretty.


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